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New Education-Focused Marketing System Provides Competition to Existing Marketing Consultants' Services


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2013 -- Imran Md Ali is not a fresh name among tutors and other professionals working within the education industry in Singapore.

He is the co-author of Kaizen Business Principles with the highly acclaimed coach and guru, Brian Tracy, as well as the founder of Education Profit Systems, a system which helps tutors and schools alike to acquire more students with a lower acquisition cost.

Imran's groundbreaking technique has made him a highly recommended business coach in Singapore. Instead of conventional marketers who utilize older modes of marketing, such as flyers, billboards and internet marketing, Imran Md Ali uses a fusion of methods which he calls "Growth Hacking". Growth Hacking is a method which focuses on utilizing all forms of improvable media in the marketing sphere. This includes increasing sales conversion, opt-in rates, retention rates and reducing attrition rates as well.

He believes that a tutor who is consumed with the daily tasks of teaching, will invariably neglect his or her marketing and sales duties, resulting in phases which Imran calls the "Feast or Famine" period. This can become a dreadful downward spiral to adopting the mindset that given tuition doesn't pay n the long term.

Imran helps these tutors and teachers to implement marketing systems which enable them to focus on teaching, while sales and marketing is delegated to Imran's firm, Education Profit Systems, at

And Imran's success stories have proven his abilities. His retention rate for clients has been an astounding 85%, signalling that his systems and methods do work.

At regular intervals each month, Imran holds preview sessions and seminars detailing exactly how he has managed to revolutionize the tuition marketing.

He hopes to help more tutors strike a balance between hard work and a healthy income. Being a huge critic of trading hours for money, Imran believes that positioning the tutors in a better light helps them command a higher fee and subsequently, smaller class sizes.

To find out how to implement these strategies for your own tutoring business, or to attend one of Imran Md Ali's seminars or sessions over coffee, visit

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Education Profit Systems ( is a Singapore-based marketing firm that focuses exclusively on education-based businesses. Launched in 2003, it has grown to be Asia's largest provider of marketing solutions to tuition centres and educational institutions.