Joe Bragg Announces New Summer Arrivals for Tungsten Wedding Rings and Christian Rings


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- Tungsten is one of the most unique chemical elements on the planet. Tungsten – also known as wolfram – has a higher melting point than any other element. It is also nearly 20 times denser than water and approximately twice as hard as lead.

Today, tungsten is used in a wide variety of industrial and cosmetic applications, and tungsten rings are a popular option around the world. aims to make it easy for all shoppers to find the perfect tungsten ring for their needs. The website separates its tungsten ring store into a number of different categories, including tungsten rings for weddings and tungsten rings with gold brushing.

The website also features more unique categories, like Christian rings, where visitors will find a unique black brushed Christian ring that features a cross, among other options.

Meanwhile, there’s an entire category dedicated to Lord of the Rings tungsten rings. Tungsten rings include the infamous LOTR One Ring in black tungsten, silver tungsten carbide, and gold plated tungsten varieties. Those who are committing to preserving the accuracy of the books may want to choose the gold plated tungsten One Ring, although the silver and black versions can provide a unique aesthetic appeal.

As a spokesperson for explains, the website aims to offer the best prices in the industry on all tungsten rings:

“As an online store, it’s easy for us to trim costs and offer discount prices to shoppers. When compared to similar websites, shoppers will find that Tungsten Affinity is very competitive, and we also offer unique bonus services that go above and beyond what people expect from an online ring retailer.”

Custom engraving is one of those services. Shoppers can choose to have any type of tungsten ring engraved with a message of their choice. In addition to choosing the font of the text and the text itself, shoppers can also choose which part of the ring gets engraved.

The website’s spokesperson explains that custom engravings are popular with a number of different types of rings:

“Some people choose to have a wedding ring engraved with a special message. Others celebrate a graduation or other special event. The main point of engraving a ring is to add a personal meaning to the ring – even if it’s something as simple as that person’s name.”

All rings sold through Tungsten Affinity come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and the website has a flexible thirty day return and exchange policy.

About is an online tungsten rings retailer that offers a wide selection of tungsten rings. The website also features custom engraving services and unique products like the ‘One Ring’ from Lord of the Rings. For more information, please visit: