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Turbocharger World Unveils Two New and Fresh Turbochargers with Enhanced Features for Top Performance


Frankfurt Am Main, Hessen -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/10/2016 -- Continuing with their quest for delivering high performance engines and parts for automobiles, Italian company Turbocharger World has recently launched a couple of turbochargers namely the turbine modified T34 Ford Sierra RS500 over 400CV and the modified turbine Alfa 166 2.4MJ2-280CV. Mr. Edward Renzi, the CEO at Turbocharger World highlighted a few details about the newly launched engines from the company.

He maintained, "Since most of our clients comprise of racing teams and those that are into racing competitions our technical team designs the engine and parts keeping this in close consideration. Likewise, both these products are designed for high performance and come equipped with different intake, exhaust and horsepower capabilities."

He also added, "Our Company has been a worthy and reliable supplier of premium parts and also those that have undergone modifications for maximum performance." It has been said that Turbocharger World offers a wide range of goods from top brands such as Garrett, BMC, Carbonetic, Precision Turbo, Megan, Magden, Interex, Wiseco, Exedy, amongst a lot others.

Sources say that the company deals in several auto sports products ranging from small mechanical components to modified turbochargers. Some of the other services offered by the Italian company includes sports catalysts, intercooler plus, turbine bearings, reinforcement of clutches, turbines tuning, mappings, pistons enhancement, and external parts of automobiles. Mr. Edward also commented, "We also practice giving out technical advices related to engine compatibilities, enhancement, fixes and minor changes so that racing enthusiasts are able to achieve the desired performance from their cars."

With the addition of the two new turbochargers the company has certainly improved their collection of high quality engines and broadened the choice for shoppers. The CEO later remarked, "Works are still ongoing for more such new products in the future for which our engineers and skilled professionals have made it their top priorities." For more details go to

It is the official site of Turbocharger World, a company that deals in sales and service of an extensive range of auto racing products.

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