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Turf Plus Launches a Lawn Winterization Campaign

TurfPlusutah.com publishes tips to help individuals prepare their lawn for cooler temperatures and winter weather


Salt Lake City, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- October remains the best time of year to fertilize a lawn with herbicide and fertilizer, thanks to falling temperatures. Many homeowners fail to understand what their lawn needs, however, to remain healthy and beautiful. Anyone in this situation should take advantage of the free analysis and estimate offered through Turf Plus Utah.

"Turf Plus Utah believes in hassle free lawns and strives to provide each client with a stress-free lawn, one the client can enjoy year round. The company prides itself on hiring knowledgeable employees, ones who provide a helpful, friendly experience for every client. In addition, the company remains committed to offering the best possible price for each client when it comes to their lawn care. Homeowners shouldn't settle for anything less," Dana K. Virgin, spokesperson for Turf Plus, explains.

"The importance of lawn care in Salt Lake City should never be discounted. When a lawn undergoes the winterization process, root systems become stronger and broad-leaf root systems die off. Reduce watering frequency, and drain the sprinkler system no later than Halloween. Doing so prevents damage to the system when temperatures drop lower, which typically happens sometime in December. In addition, mowing needs to continue, even when temperatures drop, to help strengthen the roots of grass, crowd out any weeds, and save on water.

"Although cooler weather tends to slow the growth of weeds, applying a winterizing application which contains a herbicide helps to destroy the root system of these broad-leaf weeds. In addition, existing grassy weeds like orchard grass will need to by sprayed using a non-selective herbicide. Grass should then be replanted in the area," Virgin continues.

Finally, pest control in Salt Lake City needs to be considered at this time. While insect problems tend to diminish in cool weather, any brown areas in the lawn need to be addressed, as they may be a sign of insects. When pulling on grass in the brown areas, if there is an insect problem, the grass will come up like a rug and little white larva will be visible on the soil. Insecticide needs to be applied in these areas, and the homeowner must check the area weekly and retreat it until all signs of insects are gone.

"Turf Plus assists homeowners with these and numerous other lawn issues, including rust and powdery mildew. Prevention remains the best option, yet if a problem arises, Turf Plus can be of help. Call today to set up a free analysis and estimate for a gorgeous lawn in a very short period of time," Virgin declares.

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Turf Plus strives to remove the stress of homeowners who wish to have a healthy, green lawn, yet find they struggle to do so. The company's motto is, "green lawn, great price", and technicians are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. With over 30 years of experience, Turf Plus understands what clients want and need and works to deliver it every time.