Andy Gagliano

The Turkey Hunter Podcast Was Released on iTunes and Stitcher on April 9, 2014


Birmingham, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- The podcast is the first and only podcast solely devoted to the sport of turkey hunting. The show is hosted by Andy Gagliano from Birmingham, Alabama,who is a self proclaimed turkey hunting addict.

The Turkey Hunter Podcast is produced for an audience of experienced, intermediate, and beginner turkey hunters alike who want a way to learn more about the sport they love but don’t have time for magazines, books, or television.

The turkey hunting podcast topics include wild turkey taxidermy, henned up gobblers, improving habitat for wild turkeys, turkey calling tips, turkey hunting product reviews, and interviews with turkey hunting pros and industry insiders. The podcast is designed to help listeners learn how to have more turkeys on their hunting property and to have a more successful turkey season with bite-sized episodes packed full of proven and simple strategies and entertaining turkey hunting stories.

“I started turkey hunting almost 25 years ago, and the majority of what I’ve learned about turkeys and turkey hunting was taught to me by the best teacher in the world – the wild turkey gobbler. The problem with learning that way is that the wild turkey is very unforgiving of any hunter error and unfilled turkey tags do not taste very good when you cook them. My goal with The Turkey Hunter Podcast is to prevent turkey hunters from learning the hard way many of the valuable lessons I have learned over the years traveling across the US and Mexico to hunt wild turkeys.”

In 2002, Gagliano killed a Merriam’s wild turkey and a Rio Grande wild turkey, and in 2003 he completed his first grand slam of wild turkeys by killing an Osceola wild turkey in Holopaw, Florida. After completing his grand slam, Gagliano and his hunting partners came up with a new goal.

“I have a group of friends from college that I share a passion with, and we are in the process of attempting to kill a wild turkey in every state of the US that has wild turkeys. The only state that does not have a population of wild turkeys is Alaska. Over the years, my friends and I have met many great farmers, ranchers, hunting outfitters and guides, and we’ve run into our fair share of characters as well. I plan to share information on the podcast that I’ve learned over the years to help others who want to complete their Grand Slam of turkeys, World Slam, or Royal Slam, and those who want to kill their first turkey as well. I also will be interviewing special guests who are turkey hunting experts and industry insiders to share their knowledge with listeners as well.”

Opening podcasts include 6 strategies for hunting henned up gobblers, an interview with Colonel Tom Kelly, and 3 situations when one can use a gobble call to help fill one’s turkey tag. One can subscribe to The Turkey Hunter Podcast on iTunes at, on Stitcher at, and on Gagliano’s website at

About Andy Gagliano
Andy Gagliano is a 20 year veteran of the mortgage industry and an avid hunter and fisherman who resides in Birmingham, Alabama. Gagliano founded as a means to share his experiences with others and entertain them as well. Gagliano learned to turkey hunt from the greatest and toughest teacher in the industry – the wild turkey gobbler, and Gagliano admits that he made learning the sport of turkey hunting much harder on himself than it really should have been. Gagliano believes that the best way to help people fall in love with the sport like he has done is by teaching them how to have success while turkey hunting so they don’t become discouraged. Gagliano’s goal is to pique the interest of others, especially the youth, in the sport.