Turnbow Lambasts Bloomingdales for Social Media Irresponsibility

Renowned Digital Marketing company makes a call for campaign sensibilities


Fayetteville, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2015 -- ReachTurnbow.com, a renowned company that is also known for its Social Marketing services has taken on Bloomingdales for a campaign that it came out with recently.

Jeff Turnbow, the founder and Principal Consultant of the company blasted out about the recent campaign from the retail giant that talked about "spiking a friend's eggnog when they are not looking". Clearly the campaign was meant to attract attention, which it will probably do but is that more damaging than effective? That's the question being raised by Turnbow today.

According to Mr. Turnbow the campaign might immediately improve awareness and website visits, even leading to enhanced Christmas Holiday sales. But, the campaign will have a negative impact on the image of the brand in the long run. That's because the ad reaches out to an older female millennial with an insult that implies tricking her or deceiving. This kind of message is never going to go down well with this audience.

Turnbow admits to the merits of Shockvertising, which has been used to great effect by PETA and Anti-Meth campaigns. They build a positive discussion around a controversial subject. Shockvertising meant only to stir up a controversy might offer short term gains but doesn't really work towards a long term positive impact for the brand.

Mr. Turnbow believes that Bloomingdales has done more damage by offering a poor apology via Twitter. Overall, he tore into the campaign calling it shameful in design and one without a clearly written plan of execution.

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