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Turning Data Challenges Into Assets - a Front Office Guide to BETTER ANALYTICS

This guide gives investment and retail banking, sales account and trading desk leads a competitive edge by showing how to leverage important data with better analytics.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/13/2014 -- Pomerol Partners is a business intelligence consultancy that specialises in advanced data visualisations. The firm builds business toolsets - dashboards - to help senior executives make more informed decisions. That sounds straightforward but within the financial services industry, particularly global investment banks, such is the complexity and fragmentation of data that getting a clear picture of what is driving profits up (or down) is nigh-on impossible.

The data architecture in many of these firms relies on technology that creates a silo-based approach to data management; from department to department as opposed to sucking in data from other areas of the business that can lead to unexpected insights.

"In order for that to happen you need to balance two things: first, you need to balance your business knowledge. Second, you need to utilise your business data.

"Getting that balance is key. To achieve it requires a tool that not only has the data but ensures that the user uses that data. It's one thing presenting data to a user, it's quite another to get them to use it. That is the biggest challenge," says van Rooyen.

What Pomerol Partners aims to achieve with each client is to get them looking at data in new ways - a visualisation process - to gain a competitive edge. The insights drawn from harnessing data to its full capacity can lead to trading desks servicing their clients more effectively as well as:

- Pro-actively identify client pricing outliers

- Optimise collateral levels and strategies by reacting quicker to external market events

- Challenge the technology infrastructure to become bigger and faster

In a white paper entitled "A Front Office Guide to Better Analytics," Pomerol Partners sets out what it calls an analytical roadmap to disentangling the spaghetti of an organisation's infrastructure to regain ownership of its data and business logic. "Our white paper attempts to show firms how to fix their technology. We have the ability to align a firm's technologies. We want to show how to take a current liability and turn it into an asset that can deliver a competitive commercial advantage."

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