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Turning Dead Space Into Office Space – Why Basement Renovations Are the Perfect Fit for Home Workers


Concord, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2019 -- Advances in technology and changing attitudes to flexible working has meant that more people than ever before are choosing to work from home, something that is being increasingly supported by employers.

And with a study by Regus Canada finding that over half of Canadian workers say they work outside their main office for at least half the working week, the next question is whether workers are sufficiently achieving that work/life balance by keeping work and home life separate. Add in the fact that workers expect home working to have higher levels of productivity compared to time spent in the office, and the need for suitable home office space becomes ever more pressing.

Luckily, when compared to the rest of the world, it is traditional for homes across North America to be built with a ready-made solution – basements. While in Canada this is often essential for housing the furnace, it is also common for the vast space in a basement to largely go unused or be reduced to an unofficial dumping ground for storage – in other words, 'dead space'.

"All too often we see numerous wasted opportunities to really make something special from a basement," said a spokesperson for Basement Renovations Now, a specialist basement renovation company based in Toronto. "There is so much that a quality basement conversion can add to a home, while avoiding the costs and building time associated with adding extra rooms through extensions.

"An increasingly popular use for renovated basements is as a home office. Given the size of many basements, and the fact that they are below ground and away from noise and distractions, they are the perfect home office. At Basement Renovations Now we can cover every aspect of making an area of office space that is not only structurally sound and fully-functional – with all the necessary electrics and even window installation if preferred – but also comfortable and a genuinely pleasurable place to be.

"With extra features such as bathroom facilities, heating, air conditioning, insulation and WiFi capability, we can take care of all the fundamental components of an excellent home office that at least matches – and even surpasses – the quality of a modern city centre workplace."

Basement Renovations Now employ a fleet of tradesmen from a diverse range of industries, meaning that a renovation project can be carried out in one cohesive job. Structural security and protection from dampness is provided by drywall installers, while professional decorators and tiling and flooring experts can provide the final touch. Plumbing and electrics are also included as standard.

"We know from years of experience how stressful home renovations can be for homeowners", added the spokesperson. "This is why we approach each job with the focus on the customer – their specific needs and requirements, and their budget and time-frame – but we also listen to their concerns and seek to reassure them at every step of the project.

"The main way we do this is by promising a strict level of quality control and inspection at every stage; as each major phase of the work is completed, our experts closely examine the area to check for leaks, damp or mold growth – literally no stone is left unturned."

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