Turning Dread-Mills Back Into Treadmills. Sociercise Style!

Wanting to teach Americans to remove their hanging clothes from the treadmill and place them back in the closet – two entrepreneurs have created a smartphone App that’s a true project in motion.


Cleveland, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2012 -- As creators Bobby Valentine and Tom Vinkler will attest – treadmills are an excellent place to hang clothes. In fact, with 40 million treadmills in the United States there’s no shortage of opportunities to find any use for them except running. Bobby and Tom have set out to change that.

They have created Sociercise – a revolutionary new app for the Apple and Android marketplace. Utilizing GPS and accelerometer technology, Sociercise is poised to become the next-generation fitness application.

As Tom Vinkler explains, the features are certainly unique:

“Unlike other running applications, Sociercise allows users to race against their own or their friends’ results, and also to race in real time. This way, users can race and be connected with people from their home town, across the country, race with their work-out buddies or even celebrities. It’s all available from the comfort of their home” – he says.

Complimenting his partner’s words, Bobby Valentine adds:

“There are audio cues to let you know your place, and even an audible “kick up the backside if you fall behind pace” he remarks.

The app can be used anywhere; on/off the track, on the treadmill or even in the woods. This is all thanks to the linkage of the onboard GPS and the accelerometer, constantly updating the user’s location, distance and speed in each race.

As with all good things in life – the launch of Sociercise is coming at a price of around $25,000 to Bobby and Tom. In order to get the application onto the market as quickly as possible, the two developers have turned to crowdfunding site in order to raise the funds.

“We are actually giving a 54% return on each backer’s investment after launch. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity to contribute to a worthy project, while investing in what could most likely be a very fruitful return” adds Tom.

In terms of the future, Bobby and Tom plan to launch Sociercise for Charity – a unique feature to allow users to sign up and complete virtual races for real charities. Competitors will be able to use social media cross-posting to urge their friends to sponsor them at a rate of $1 or more per mile.

Of course, Bobby and Tom are currently focussed on the launch - as well as raising the funds needed to give the app the best possible start.

Those looking to back the project should visit:

About Sociercise, LLC.
Sociercise LLC is a start-up located in Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia. Tom Vinkler and Bobby Valentine are the founding partners.

The company is developing and marketing a mobile fitness application for smartphones utilizing GPS and Accelerometer technology to allow users to run races in real-time whether on the treadmill or outside. The application will also be used for charity races, celebrity races, and corporate wellness programs.

It will be available on the iTunes App Store and the Android Marketplace.