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Turning Final, A Life Complete: Pilot & Boatman's Extraordinary Life Condensed Into Fascinating Memoir, Symbolizing Greatness of America

Jim Reed’s esteemed flying career has seen him salvaging a mission that the US Navy backed away from by sending a single engine Huey Helicopter 200 miles at sea to pick up an interceptor missile in an unbelievably complex operation that the Pentagon said that he was nuts to try, collecting samples of nuclear detonations in the atmosphere, sending U-2s to the North Pole and just about every other feat that can be achieved with an engine and two wings. It has been tough to pack such an extraordinary life into a memoir, but Reed has. ‘Turning Final, A Life Complete’ fuses a journey through aviation and military history with a showcase of what makes this nation the greatest in the world. You won’t find a guy like this anywhere else.


Santa Rosa, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2014 -- Jim Reed isn’t a celebrity or multi-millionaire. In fact, those walking past him on the street won’t see anything other than an ordinary guy with that great American wit and integrity.

However, Jim Reed has a led a life most can only dream of, and his compelling new memoir takes flight to explain all.

‘Turning Final, A Life Complete’ recounts Reed’s exciting, brave and sometimes unbelievable life at the controls of a myriad of flying machines and watercraft to complete tasks ranging from highly-secret Government missions to daredevil escapades that are just plain old fun. However, while of course a life story, Reed’s words also serve as a microcosm to the brevity of the human condition and collective pride of the United States.

Jim Reed has had a life of diverse adventure. From sending U-2's to the North Pole, retrieving missiles in the open ocean, and a flying and boating career that spanned the world, he has done just about everything that you could pack into one lifetime.

"Turning Final" captures those adventures and shares it with all of us who dream of meeting exciting challenges. This story is about a real life pilot/sailor who accomplished things that most people only dream about while at the same time he and his lovely wife raised a family of four boys. His life truly spans the world.

“You wouldn’t believe it, but I was born on a kitchen table in Brooklyn during the Great Depression and life’s odds were stacked against me,” explains Reed, whose father abandoned him and his mother. “However, this tough beginning injected the resilience and drive into my soul that has given me a life that few are afforded.”

Continuing, “It’s tough to believe that I broke free of the chains and rose to become a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force. The 45 years that ensued turned me into something of a modern-day swashbuckler. If I wasn’t commanding some of the world’s most technologically advanced aircraft in just about every country around the world, I was at sea sailing boats to Japan and breaking further personal records. You’d be amazed how much the right type of person can fit into their life!”

To date, the memoir has garnered rave reviews. For example, John comments, “Loved the book, it gave some true insight into a long-term pilot's life/career but was also sprinkled with wonderful "human" stories and antidotes about all kinds of life changing events. Among all of the adventures there are some nuggets of wisdom (in truth, a gold mine of wisdom). This book was a great read for pilots and non-pilots alike -- I enjoyed the book so much I barely put it down.”

And from Joe Seward a Pilot Training classmate of Jim's, these unsolicited comments:
"Yesterday I re-read your Turning Final, A Life Complete, and was amazed for the umpteenth time by the vigor, clarity and cleanness of your writing. You certainly have done a wonderful job telling your life's story. It's a bloody shame that it hasn't been made into a movie. You certainly should continue your writing. You are a damn good writer and I envy the hell out of you. As hard as I try I could never equal your beautiful and forceful prose. It is obvious that you know what you want to say and know how to say it.

Reed hopes that his story will inspire an entire generation.

“It’s often tough to get what you want out of life, but I am proof that it can be done. Determination is the key as well as building the strength required to overcome the adversity that will naturally stand in someone’s way. My book is a showcase of what achieving dreams looks like, and its words could literally be life-changing for the right type of reader,” he adds.

‘Turning Final, A Life Complete’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1lc96aT

About Jim Reed
The author lives in Santa Rosa, CA.