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TurnKeyIDSolution Proffers to Provide Shelter Against Cyber Crimes


Istanbul, Turkey -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/18/2015 -- During this computer era, saving information, important files and official documents has become easier than ever before. The downloaded software could help one storing and archiving the confidential records in an efficient way by automatically indicating and correcting any mistake as compared to a hand written document. But this was the brighter side of the picture. The darker side urges us to accept the fact that there is a perpetual tussle that the world is confronted with more intensely day by day with the progression of technology. .The computerized documents are more prone to spywares, phishing, hacking and viruses. The computer storage is always at risk of Trojans and other online bugs. The invention of keylogging is the biggest hurdle in this regard. No one could easily differentiate between really legitimate software and just a disguised form of it. These concealed malwares cause much more destruction and damage than the mistakes that a human hand makes.

It has been reported that many attacks have been made on the confidential and private data by the usage of such cyber viruses. Millions of U.S citizens have been victimized by the hackers and spyware users when they besieged their credit card data and other personal information. According to the website every three seconds, an American citizen confronts an identity breach. Due to these reasons identity theft has become the most escalating and burgeoning crime in the United States of America.

But, as every problem has a solution, the said risks can be successfully demolished with the usage of different antivirus programs. These Antivirus softwares do protect the data to some extent but not from all malwares. TurnKeyIDSolutions has reached a milestone by nipping the problem in the bud. Keylogger, being the top leveled spyware which steals the information while using the keyboard. It makes keyboard vulnerable to attack. TurnKeyIDSolutions helps to create a first line defense by securing the keyboard.

About TurnKeyIDSolution
TurnKeyIDSolution by U.S based Pinnacle Benefits Group is an amalgamation of two powerful security products: ID Preserve and Guarded ID. Both products absolutely suit the identity theft victims. There are a number of services provided by the ID Preserve. Some of them include privacy scanning, identity restoration, theft risk score, victim's assistance, child's identity protection; account activation alerts and what could be more desirable than getting back the lost wallet. With all these services $1,000,000 insurance will keep the victim more at tranquility. This is not all by TurnKeyIDSolution. GuardeID is an anti keylogger program that look after the data at the point of entrance.

About Pinnacle Benefits Group
Pinnacle Benefits Group is a nationally acclaimed leading group in the line of providing the insurance products to the independent insurance agents.

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