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TuskBuffer Mammoth Ivory Guitar Picks Let You Shred Like a Beast

TuskBuffer makes the world’s most amazing guitar picks using 100% legal and ethical prehistoric Woolly Mammoth Ivory!


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Around the time man graced the Earth, the Wooly Mammoth fell extinct. To this day, their bones and tusks still remain, and sometimes even total carcasses. Now comes a brilliant man named Darryn Waites, who has harnessed the beauty of this amazing creature, in a completely legal and totally ethical way, and turned it into something useful, original, and unique: TuskBuffer, the world’s most amazing guitar pick!

Darryn states that growing up he could never find the right pick to use to play his guitar, which as a guitarist myself, I completely understand. Darryn states that he used such odd and thick materials like silverware, coins, shells, stones and even a chopstick holder just to name a few. But his creation, TuskBuffer, didn’t emerge until years later. While sifting through scrap from mammoth ivory he used to make knife handles, he noticed a pick shaped design, which he developed into a “novelty” mammoth ivory pick. Everyone who tried it said they absolutely loved everything about the pick. After trying it himself, completely amazed that he’d finally (and accidentally) found the perfect pick he’d been searching for his entire guitar playing life, he gave TuskBuffer, the Wooly Mammoth Ivory Guitar Pick, his seal of approval!

So now his goal is to take his Mammoth Ivory Picks to the greater musical community, putting them out in stores all across the country. But first, he’s taking TuskBuffer to NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants), and developing his contacts even further, and he’s raising money to gather the materials necessary to sustain the expected increased demand while taking these outstanding and ingenious picks to the next level; to a store near you!

The fact that the mammoth has been extinct for the last 10,000 years truly makes these ivory picks ethical; no mammoth was harmed to make these picks. This also makes their tusks very rare and difficult to acquire, which is the main obstacle in the creation and future of these picks. With your help, Darryn can overcome this obstacle, and put the beauty and power of a Wooly Mammoth in every guitar player’s hands. It’s time to shred like a beast!

For more information on TuskBuffers, visit the TuskBuffers Kickstarter campaign here: TuskBuffers Kickstarter Campaign

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