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TV Psychotherapist, Debbie Harris, Answers 911 Compelling Questions in New Book

‘MIND ~BODY ~SOUL ~SPIRIT’ answers 911 vital mental health questions that were raised by men, women and children from around the world. Through a unique collaboration with social workers, ministers, faith leaders and therapists, each question is answered from both a theoretical and biblical perspective. With such pertinence to modern society, the book is poised to resonate with readers around the world.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2013 -- While many in the United States, United Kingdom and the Caribbean already know Debbie Harris for her popular ‘The Counselor 911 Show’ television career, individuals around the world can now benefit from her acclaimed psychotherapy via a bold and powerful new book.

‘MIND ~BODY ~SOUL ~SPIRIT’ takes the popular television show’s format and transposes it into print, offering life-changing answers to a myriad of pressing mental health questions.


Is life getting you down? Have life experiences placed you in a shell from which you cannot seem to break free? Is it because of present hurts? Is it because of past hurts? Is it the diagnosis that has been given to you? What about those negative thoughts? Is it a spiritual problem? Is it your psychiatric medication? Is it genetic predisposition? What about the possibility that it's all just in your Mind? Mind~Body~Soul~Spirit is a book that will take you on an adventure to answer compelling questions important to men, women and children.

No longer will you be left wondering why you have harmful habits, insecurities, stress, painful emotions or depression. Mind~Body~Soul~Spirit gives you the answers you need to hear.

As the author explains, each answer is presented from two very different yet vital perspectives.

“It’s obvious that everyone has different beliefs and values. Therefore, we’ve answered each question from both a theoretical and biblical viewpoint,” says Harris.

Continuing, “The social workers and therapists on the Counselor 911 team diligently researched each question to provide a theoretical answer. At the same time, our faith leaders and ministers provided information from a biblical approach. This combination is extremely powerful and makes the book applicable to anyone and everyone; whatever they believe.”

Since its release, the book has attracted a consistent string of rave reviews.

“As a Pastor for 28 years and Law Enforcement Executive for 35 years this book gives a riveting prospective on Mental Health. It's a very practical, easy to read and wise game plan for the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit,” says Dr. Edwin A. Davis.

C.L. Sadler, of the Sadler Group Inc, was equally as impressed; “Unbelievable! I have read many self-help books, but this book on Mind, Body Soul and Spirit does more than all those books combined.”

Harris is delighted with the positive feedback and firmly believes that her book is in huge demand from society.

“One in four American adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder, translating to almost sixty million people. Most are too proud to visit their doctor and fear the stigma of diagnosis. My book gives them an opportunity to discover that they are not suffering alone, while providing the guidance and inspiration required to help treat their problems and release their pain,” she adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘MIND ~BODY ~SOUL ~SPIRIT’ is available now in a bound format. For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://thecounselor911book.com

About Debbie Harris
Debbie Harris is an acclaimed television host, psychotherapist and CEO of Counselor 911 INC., a media organization airing broadcasts in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and 22 countries in the Caribbean. She is much-sought after for her services in areas of family and individual counseling.