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TV Store Online Launches New Range of Movie Character Costumes Ready for Halloween

TV Store Online has expanded its range of movie character costumes featuring everything from the elegantly simple to the beautifully elaborate to help film geeks make the most of Halloween.


Commerce Township, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2015 -- Halloween is coming, and for many it is a time to dress up and let loose, leaning into the darkening nights by freeing themselves up to express their innermost passions. For many, deciding what costume to wear can be paralyzing, with so many options requiring elaborate manufacture, expensive materials, time and thought. TV Store Online is helping people find simple and crazy costumes for Halloween, and has expanded with a huge range of movie characters to help people live their superhero dreams for a night.

The newly expanded range includes classics like Back To The Future and The Goonies, as well as cult hits like Animal House and Napoleon Dynamite, and amazing printed shirt designs with characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more. There are even adult themed movie costumes like Fear and Loathing and Ted to give people edgier options that will stand out in the superhero crowd.

The movie costumes range in budget and complexity so individuals can find something to match every taste and budget, all manufactured from high quality materials and sold for reasonable prices, with free shipping, vivid imagery, sizing options and more on the online store.

A spokesperson for TV Store Online explained, "We are always excited about Halloween, but this time around we have really pulled out all the stops in creating the most extensive and varied collection possible, with everything from kids favorites to iconic classics to edgy cult hits. Movie costumes are the best way for people to say something about their tastes while having fun dressing up, and with our clever costume options individuals will have plenty of scope for being the only person at the party who thought of that costume. Why be another Joker when you can wear something no one else will have thought of."

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