Site Offers 20% Coupon Code for TweetAdder as Well as $300 in Exclusive Bonuses- Creators Considering Pulling Deal due to Overwhelming Response from Marketers


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2011 -- Tweet Adder Deal is now offering a 20% off coupon code for the widely popular “Tweet Adder” software, as well as $300 in exclusive bonuses only available through their website.

Tweet Adder, which is a Twitter software that automates posts, has been getting a lot of attention lately from the internet marketing community. By offering a hands-off interface the program allows users to gain a following of thousands of highly targeted viewers that, unlike other softwares that generate a “spam following,” produce real sales for a website’s products or services. The program has been so successful in fact that users are calling it “The Ferrari of Twitter friend adder and promotion software.”

According to Tweet Adder Deal, the program was created by a reputable online company that has had years of experience in the field of automated software. It implements a highly sophisticated program that uses different proxy’s, emulates different browsers, finds like-minded individuals to market to, automatically follows users at the click of a button, puts in time delays, manages following/followers ratio, sends pre-written tweets, Sends RSS feed tweets, and of course, attracts followers for maximum marketing efficiency.

Tweet Adder is also adaptable to Twitter’s ever changing protocol and will be effective well after its initial purchase: “TweetAdder really does help me take my twitter accounts to the next level and put them on autopilot,” says Tweet Adder Deal’s admin. “You have to keep in mind though that twitter is really putting the hurt on people that are not following the twitter rules, so you want a program that will help you follow the rules and also change as the twitter rules change.”

The special coupon code, as well as the $300 in extra bonuses, is possible due to Tweet Adder Deal’s personal relationship with the software’s creators. Internet marketing guru’s attest that this is one of the only places TweetAdder is allowing its marketing software to sell for less than retail.

In fact, the response to the coupon code has been so successful that the website administrators are discussing pulling it. The 20% off and $300 worth of bonuses was originally intended to generate interest in the product, says the websites owners, they didn’t necessarily predict that it would create such an overwhelming response.

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