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'Twelve Upon a Time: Bedside Story Collection Series' Provides Entire Year of Child & Parent Cherishment

With a unique and captivating book for each month of the year, the beautiful Bedside Story Collection Series from Edward Galluzzi affords parents and children an opportunity to share the perfect moment together.


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2012 -- Children’s literature is awash with bedtime classics. However, a unique literary concept from author Edward Galluzzi has spawned ‘Twelve Upon a Time: Bedside Story Collection Series’ that provides a unique gift to families, all year long.

The author is today announcing the book’s re-print in full color; following the popularity of his black-and-white third edition.

Each monthly story, based on a holiday or timely theme, is unique and illustrated by the original drawings of children whose interpretation of the words can only be seen through their eyes. Galluzzi originally wrote the book to assist with the imagination of children and to strengthen the parent and child bond, through the sharing of heart-warming, silly, absurd and believably impossible tales.

“As a doctorate level practitioner serving school children for more than thirty five years, I became keenly aware that children and their parents often have in short supply what families need the most: open communication and sharing time together,” Galluzzi explains.

He continues, “Twelve Upon A Time… was written to provide families a moment here and a moment there to come together and share heart-warming tales. The "Beside Story Collection Series" brings this sharing time to families each month of the year.”

The complete "Twelve Upon a Time - Bedside Story Collection Series:"

"January: Bronto's Visitors from Another Time." follows a family's adventure back to the time of prehistoric dinosaurs, as they search for the time portal that began their misadventure on New Year’s Eve.

"February: Surprised by a Secret Admirer" explores the growing friendship between children and their special celebration of Valentine’s Day.

"March: Goggy and His Pot of Gold" unfolds in the legendary country of Iarland in the town of Glocky Nora searching for a leprechaun and his pot of gold.

"April: The Great Festival of Rabbunia" follows the adventures to the mythical land of Rabbunia where the Great Festival is celebrated.

"May: The Mother’s Day Surprise" tells the story of how children and animals strive to surprise a special mom on Mother’s Day.

"June: Memories in Five Balloons" is a story of how a family survives with the death of their father and how they keep alive his memories each Father’s Day.

"July: Furly and Kurly Color the Flag" celebrates the birth of our country by visiting the woman who knitted our flag on our first birthday.

"August: The Yad Gnihton Taerg” on the Mirror Planet celebrates the “Yad Gnihton Taerg” on the mirror planet Tenalp in the central city of Rorrim, a celebration that occurs just once every 500 years.

"September: The Underground Adventure" shares the heartwarming story about animal friends who want to make the end of summer a special one for their human friends before returning to school.

"October: Trick or Treat with Bitty the Bat" looks at the tradition of Halloween through the eyes of creature friends.

"November: ‘Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving..." is a Thanksgiving story that unfolds in rhyme.

"December: The Magical Cane to Christmas’ Journey" celebrates the warmth of the holiday season with children who share the Christmas’ past of their parents.

As Galluzzi attests, the books' characters and illustrations came to life through direct input from his young readers.

“There are over one hundred colored drawings, sketched by children ranging from 7 months to 12 years of age. The stories from my imagination and the drawings from theirs come together to stimulate the imaginations of children and open a whole new world for parents and their children to share,” he concludes.

Twelve Upon a Time: Bedside Story Collection Series, published by CCB Publishing, is available through CCB Publishing and popular online bookstores. For more information, see the Author’s official website: Galluzzibooks.com. Media Kits available from CCB Publishing at http://www.ccbpublishing.com/egalluzzi.html

About the Author: Edward Galluzzi
Edward Galluzzi is a school psychologist who has provided services to children and their families for more than three decades. Writing has been an interest of his for almost just as long and writing stories for children seems a natural extension of his professional experiences.