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TWI Group Inc. Releases Trade Show Dates for November 2014

Trade show dates with TWI fficials present include Barcelona, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, and Riyadh, reports


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2014 -- TWI Group Inc. releases its trade show dates for November 2014, including those where a TWI official will be in attendance. Individuals wishing to learn more about the company and what it has to offer may wish to attend one of these shows. TWI Group, Inc. remains the world leader in trade show shipping and exhibition logistics, allowing companies to get their materials and products to various events in a timely manner.

"TWI Group, Inc. provides those services clients most want and need, including domestic and import services along with international shipping ( In addition, to make this task easier for clients, the company now provides insurance and licensing services. Clients find it is their one stop shop for trade show shipping and exhibition logistics, as it makes their life easier in a variety of ways," Greg Keh, spokesperson for TWI Group, Inc., declares.

TWI Group, Inc. offers trade show shipping ( for those who need to move their displays and products safely and legally throughout the United States and Canada and to any exhibition worldwide. The company advises clients on the best method for their shipping needs, the proper way to mark cases and more, with the goal being to ensure no problems arise during movement of the freight. In addition, the company works to arrange any bonds which are needed, handles custom examinations and clearance, and more.

"Customers find they have numerous tasks to handle when working a trade show. TWI Group, Inc. works to reduce the burden on the client, by offering those services one most wants and needs. On-site assistance is also offered to ensure the client is adhering to all regulations and to assist with the forwarding or return of any materials or shipments following the trade show. Clients need do no more than ask and TWI Group, Inc. works to assist them in making trade show exhibitions easier," Keh continues.

The company takes this a step further, understanding clients may need bigger items transported, such as a vehicle, to reveal technological advancements or present a new design. The company now offers vehicle and technology production services for this purpose. In addition, the company assists those businesses having many moving parts, allowing the business to focus on moving people, not products and materials.

"Look into the many services offered through TWI Group, Inc. today. In doing so, companies find they have the partner they need to make their trade show events a success. Others find they can expand trade show offerings with the help of this company. It's all a matter of what one wishes to do to take their organization up a notch," Keh states.

About TWI Group, Inc
Founded in 1972 by Stephen J. Barry Jr., TWI Group, Inc. offers outstanding customer service based on the specific requirements of the client, both now and in the future, while providing a variety of services not found with other forwarders, like round-trip exhibit freight transportation. The company remains the longest serving provider for those in the event and trade show industry, providing event shipping with outstanding service, on-time delivery, and more. Within the past five years alone, TWI has transported more than 37 million kilos of materials to more than 30 countries.