Twingate Announces New Device Security Capabilities

Twingate is excited to announce new Device Security capabilities that make it easy to consistently and securely establish “device trust” as part of a Zero Trust framework.


Redwood City, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2022 -- Tony Huie, co-founder and Twingate CEO states, "We're excited to make consistent, straightforward device security a reality for our customers, as a critical component of our mission to accelerate Zero Trust initiatives.

"Twingate's Device Security builds on our founding principle of identity-driven network access. We want businesses to feel confident that only users on secure devices are accessing protected resources."

He adds, "This feature set allows security admins to define what constitutes a trusted device and incorporate these definitions into access policies. Managing these policies for the entire device fleet from a single, centralized location is a key component of a Zero Trust strategy."

Twingate will continue to expand device security with granular controls to define trust however their customers see fit. They also plan to roll out further integrations with EDR and MDM software, adding to native device posture checks and incorporating certificates to verify devices.

About Twingate
Twingate helps organizations secure and manage access to their resources in a world where people work from anywhere.

Their mission is to make implementing Zero Trust principles easy. They believe effective security solutions need to be easy to use, straightforward to maintain, and designed with the belief that end-users are partners, not adversaries, in keeping your organization safe. Twingate designs solutions that make it simple for companies of all sizes to implement Zero Trust, whether you are an SMB or a Fortune 500.