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Twinge: Gripping New YA Novel by Homar Solano Drags Readers Deep Into Mysterious & Unpredictable 'Dead Valley'.

Solano’s powerful debut novel proves that dreams and aspirations could lead to the deadliest of conclusions. Fusing mysterious secrets with a narrative that will keep readers transfixed on every page, ‘Twinge’ is resonating with book lovers from coast to coast.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2013 -- While many authors have enjoyed a lifetime of reading, Homar Solano is rocking the literary world in Illinois just having discovered the joys of reading a few years ago. After embarking on a summer reading hobby after his freshman year in High School, the subsequent consumption of hundreds of books spawned the idea of a masterpiece of his own.

‘Twinge’ is that masterpiece. Taking readers deep into a world where night time is to be feared, Solano is proof that debut novels can be as intricate and bold as any best-seller.


This is the story of Julie Moore whose dreams and aspirations is to get ‘just the right guy’ in her life, but her dreams and aspirations are about to change forever…

In broad daylight, life in Dead Valley is just too darn perfect, seldom if something bad ever happens. But once it turns dark outside, the environment turns hostile. A lot of people go missing each night without a trace. No one in the valley knows exactly why, and they are afraid to uncover the truth. That is until a bright sunny afternoon, Julie Moore is pronounced dead. Stunningly, the next morning without knowing that she is supposed to be dead, she finds herself walking in the village. Living in a total nightmare, she has now to uncover the hard reality of her true identity and the secrets that the village hides within itself, before it’s too late and the evil begins exterminating her and the people from the valley…

But will Julie Moore find her way out from the secrets she uncovers?

As the author explains, his life completely changed after discovering the true power of literature.

“When I started reading as a hobby, I quickly learned that books hid secrets of other worlds; secrets that could take me to a place very different from any reality I knew. My mind quickly became crammed full of new knowledge and inspiration, resulting in my passion to make my own contribution to life’s bibliography,” says Solano.

Adding, “My narrative will easily stay in readers minds for generations to come. The protagonist, Julie Moore, is a character that comes to life in front of the written page, it doesn't just get trapped in the pages of the book but transcends in three dimensional. This book definitely has what it needs to compete with great authors, like Stephen king, James Rollins, or Stephanie Meyer!”

With the book a resounding success, Solano is excited about what the future holds.

“I’m not going to stop here; there’s plenty more to share. I can’t say too much at this stage, but can admit that I have new books in the works. Stay tuned for more!” he adds.

With his book seeing increasing demand, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Twinge’ is available now: http://amzn.to/12uMgC3

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://homarsolano.org/

About Homar Solano, in his own words
I think you now know and can perfectly paint yourself a pretty good picture of who I am. A guy with a love for reading and writing. But I think this segment shouldn't be about me, but of Julie, the protagonist of my book 'Twinge.' But no! She had more than 66,000 words for herself in the book to express herself pretting much good. And what do I get? Only this page! Plus you have to buy the book to get to know her.

Well, I think I have said enough of myself anyway, except that 'Twinge' took a lot of months to get finish, but every second I put a word on the computer screen it became a pleasure to write it out, getting to know my characters that took form and character. The story became my best friend until I felt in love with it. I enjoyed it so much until it came to its very end. You, the reader, will also fall in love for each page that it's turned.