Twitter and Kickstarter Are Having a Baby


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2014 -- A social-crowdfunding baby is due Summer of 2015 and its name is Becuzz. Becuzz is a free app being developed to micro-fund small peer-to-peer wishes. People can setup a quick-campaign from $10-$599, then use the app like Twitter or Instagram except for one twist; when people “like” a post, they are actually micro-funding a quick-campaign. John Paukulis and the Becuzz Team chose Indiegogo to crowdfund the app and are sanctioning thousands of followers as perks (sharing their membership base with early adopters is an interesting approach in itself).

Becuzz comes with a free, pre-paid Visa card, available to anyone regardless of credit history.  There are no interest charges and no bank account is required.  A Becuzz card auto-links to a user's Becuzz app account for instant access to funds and can be used where ever Visa is accepted. Imagine a credit card where money goes in - not just out. When people use the Becuzz credit card in conjunction with the app, it is possible to fund a small goal and start spending in minutes.

Here’s an example. Upon joining and starting a quick-campaign; BIRTHDAY ROUND OF DRINKS... $20. Then in 140 characters or less the new Becuzz member explains what they want. “I am turning 25 in less than an hour; please help me celebrate with a round of drinks.” The campaign is then published in Pink or Blue along with pics or videos of anything at all. Posts can be made available to the main feed, particular followers or to a private group. Becuzz members see those posts and can contribute in their name or anonymously from 1 penny to 5 dollars just by clicking on the "like” icon.  Fifteen minutes later, birthday round of drinks, funded. That’s a social sharing app that makes “cents".

Once a financial goal is reached, funds can be moved over to the Becuzz Visa card and buy that round of drinks. Campaigns can be left open and over-funded to cover the Becuzz commission, which will range from 3-9% depending on credit card fees and type of campaign chosen. The Becuzz team suggests using over-funding to allow participants to give back to their followers. It will only encourage them to continue to give back in future campaigns. All transactions will be made using a virtual wallet available on Becuzz.

It’s easy to create a Becuzz quick-campaign, but for those who don’t have the time, an account can be simply & quickly created. Think how much better posts would be…Becuzz this social network has a positive "giving" message and gangsta selfies may actually hurt a campaign. All are welcomed to join Becuzz and have fun, share their life, give and see about getting back.

The Indiegogo campaign funding goal of $18,000 has been set to help get the app to market.

The Becuzz Indiegogo page:

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