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Twitter Covers Website Launches New 'One Click Header Change' Feature


Fanling, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2012 -- Among the most famous websites on the Internet today is a social media network called Twitter. As the years have progressed, Twitter has expanded from a micro blogging website into a news source, marketing platform, search engine, and messaging tool.

Twitter’s interface has evolved alongside its many features, which includes a new update that allows users to customize their profile’s header image. Since then, header image resource TwitrCovers has made it their duty to provide the most high quality images for its visitors to use as their Twitter Covers. The easy to navigate website, which boasts a collection of hundreds of images in several categories, such as art, games, movies, animals, quotes, sports, and music, has steadily increased in popularity as users gain an interest in customizing their profiles. There is also a “Popular” category so that users can see the most in demand images that the website has to offer.

Recently, TwitrCovers announced the addition of a new website feature: header changes with one click.

In an effort to simplify the process of changing Twitter Header Images, each TwitrCovers image includes a link so that the user can download it automatically to their Twitter account. All users need to do to set up their new header image is select the image that they prefer and then click the “Make This My Twitter Twitter Cover Now & Follow TwitrCovers” button.

On the other hand, Twitter users still have the option to download TwitrCover’s images manually and change it themselves, if they prefer to do so. To do this, they only need to log into their account, go into their Design Settings, upload the header image, and save their changes.

Users interested in keeping up to date with TwitrCovers future updates can follow the website on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. TwitrCovers’ Webmasters can also be reached via email, which can be found under the “Contact” link.

About TwitrCovers
TwitrCovers is the best resource for high quality Twitter header images. The site contains hundreds of amazing pictures divided into categories such as nature, movies, sports, cars, animals, art, games, and quotes. Setting up a cover is now even simpler due to the site’s one click installation feature. For more information, please visit http://www.twitrcovers.com