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Twitter Followers with Similar Interests Are Easy to Get Through New Website FollowVersa


Abu Dhabi, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- FollowVersa, a website that is devoted to helping Twitter users get similar followers, has just launched its new site. The website was launched by two self-described Twitter addicts who are active on the immensely popular social media site.

The founders of FollowVersa were inspired to launch their new website because of the often unfair assumption that people with a large number of Twitter followers are somehow better than others.

“People on Twitter see the number of followers of a given user as an indication of his follow worthiness, regardless of his actual value. That created a big gap between Twitter users,” said Ghaith Akkad, one of the founders of the site.

“Our answer to all that was to come up with FollowVersa. We want to help new Twitter users push start their experience by helping them to get followers.”

In addition, although they are on Twitter a lot and always looking for interesting peers to connect with, the founders of FollowVersa noticed that other Twitter followers don’t figuratively walk around with a sign that says “I’m willing to follow back.”

“Basically we had couple of questions: How do we get more followers that are targeted to our interests, and how come the people we follow aren't following us back?” Ghaith noted, adding that to get more targeted followers, he and his co-founder felt it would be great if there was a list of tweeps with similar interests that are willing to follow back.

“Our web app enables users to initiate a follow-and-back request based on similarity of interests, thus making the number of free followers of the targeted users irrelative.”

By using smart algorithms to match a Twitter user with other users based on mutual interests, FollowVersa also suggests a list of interesting tweeps for Twitter fans to choose. People who decide to follow any of the suggested tweeps, will automatically be followed back in return.

FollowVersa caps the number of daily connections that Twitter users can initiate; this number is represented in a Daily Points amount. The number of points resets every day at midnight EST. As Ghaith explained, FollowVersa is not a way for people to get a ton of followers in a short amount of time; it just helps to connect them with others who share similar interests.

About FollowVersa
FollowVersa is a healthy community for matching tweeps with mutual willingness to follow back. The site was launched by two Twitter fans who want to help other Twitter users increase the number of people who are following them on the popular social media website. For more information, please visit http://followversa.com/

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