Twitter: Who to Follow on the Top Visited Social Networking Site


Baton Rouge, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/17/2013 -- One way that people make an impact on social networks is by recommending other users. You do not have to be a celebrity to make recommendations; you simply need to have influence over your followers. When you do, you can share on Twitter who to follow. If you do not feel comfortable explicitly recommending other users, trust your tweets to do the work for you. Even if you do not activity promote another user, you need to be aware that each of your followers looks to you to know on Twitter who to follow. If you are tweeting about a book you just read, several of your followers are likely to check out the author’s Twitter page. If you want to be more proactive, you can Twitter who to follow to your lists.

These recommendations should be specific to the interests of the individuals on the lists. Do not tweet random recommendations. Followers are likely to view this as spam. Be selective in your recommendation. You can have a schedule for this. One way to gain credibility is to Twitter who to follow on a regular basis. Perhaps at the beginning of each month, you recommend a follower’s Twitter page to other followers. This gives your recommendation strength because you are not sending one every day. If you are not sure your followers care about recommendations or referrals, test it. Research potential followers or Twitter pages to recommend and tweet that information to followers. You know you have influence with your followers when you Twitter who to follow and your followers listen. If you decide this should be an ongoing component of your communication strategy, develop a checklist for future recommendations.

You want to recommend on Twitter who to follow based on pre-determined criteria. You do not want to recommend a site or individual that is too controversial. While you have no control over what happens in the future, you can make good choices today. Develop a recommendation process to message on Twitter who to follow. Once you begin referring followers to other users, be prepared for them to do the same. If your recommendations are meaningful, your followers are likely to follow your example. Conduct research before you Twitter who to follow. Be sure your interests match those of your followers. This will take time which is another reason to limit the number of recommendations made during a specific time period.

When you Twitter who to follow, you are encouraging your followers to follow someone else. There is risk involved in this tactic.Your followers may decide to follow that person and stop following you. Recommend people who complement you but cannot replace you. Before you Twitter who to follow, make sure the recommendation will not harm your reputation. Conduct a cursory online background check to make sure there are no issues that can come back on you for making the recommendation. You do not want to be placed in the position of having to apologize for a referral you make. Do not cause followers to question your credibility.

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