Together We Make a Difference

TWMAD Helps the Community in the City of LaGrange, GA


LaGrange, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2013 -- Together We Make a Difference or commonly known as TWMAD is an organization that leans on the name of Jesus Christ. The main objective of this organization is to help everyone show compassion and love by sharing the Gospel and spreading the good news around the world. The community in the city of LaGrange, GA is now being supported by this organization. was established by the Stargill siblings who are based on LaGrange, Georgia. These individuals get their energy from the savior Jesus Christ and help others to show love and compassion to other people. They are the ones who made this organization and helped the community to be aware of TWMAD serving in the name of Jesus Christ.

Together We Make A Difference now serves the community in the city of LaGrange in the state of Georgia. They are now helping the community to find a shelter because others have no permanent place where they can stay especially in times of calamity. They are also offering community group and nursing home projects. Other objectives of this organization to help the city’s community include looking for some charities that can accept volunteers, visiting the local park and clean up, and asking local non-profit organization if they need help with any tasks. All of these objectives are effectively and properly done by this organization with Jesus Christ as their guide.

Together We Make a Difference lets the Holy Trinity guide them to serve communities like in the city of LaGrange, GA. This organization presently helps the community in the said location because the Stargill siblings originally came from the same place. Everyone will be served by this organization by letting them know the good news provided by the Word of God.

The Stargill siblings who came from LaGrange, Georgia and the founders of this organization are very humble and offer their helping hands to show everyone that Jesus Christ is always there to guide every person. God’s love and compassion can be shared to everyone with the help of this organization. “We Serve In The name Of Jesus Christ” is the motto of the organization.

For more information about this organization, please visit or contact the Stargill siblings.

Contacts: Tony Stargill, Josh Stargill, Jon Stargill
Company: Together We Make a Difference
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Phone Numbers: 706-412-1296, 706-333-6731 and 706-594-8541