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Two Allied Companies Offer Strategies for Lowering Corporate Expenses With No Out-of-Pocket Fees


Evergreen, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2012 -- Medical practices and businesses of all kinds are lowering their expenses with the help of ERCInc.com, otherwise known as Corporate Cost Reduction (CCR), and their allied firm ThePhysiciansRx.com. The two companies specialize in helping businesses and medical practices purchase goods and services more effectively to reduce expenses. Compensation for many of their offerings is based on actual documented cost savings, making those services risk-free.

In today’s economy, many businesses struggle with the difficulty of maintaining positive cash flow. Oftentimes, they overlook that lowering costs can be an equal or greater opportunity to improve cash flow than increasing revenue. Today, medical practices and other businesses are increasingly turning to ERCinc.com and ThePhysicansRX.com to effectively recapture those unnecessarily dollars.

As a national procurement services and cost reduction firm, CCR provides contingency auditing, expense category reviews, cost reduction, outsourcing solutions and other services that help companies evaluate their expenses and improve their bottom line. “Our cost reduction consultants assist companies by helping them purchase goods and services more effectively,” said CCR President Vic Ronder. “The vast majority of our services are based on a ‘pay for performance’ model, so fees will accrue only when the business realizes actual and documented savings.”

CCR targets specific business categories with the greatest savings potential by reviewing purchasing records and other non-personnel expense areas. Based on their analysis, they develop a customized plan using their three-phase, 7-step process called “CCR’s Road Map to Cost Savings.” This process enables them to systematically generate significant percentage savings in most expense categories that they review.

The firm’s cost reduction consultants then benchmarks the business’ current financial status and demonstrate how improved sourcing strategies can reduce costs on a long-term basis. As part of their strategic sourcing approach, CCR can negotiate new or current contracts based on existing and future volume, while also making recommendations on procurement process improvements.

Although many of the services of ThePhysiciansRx.com are similar to Corporate Cost Reduction Services, they also offer additional services that are specific to the needs of medical practices. This revolves around innovative services to support revenue cycles and daily operations. They include national in-office physician dispensing and toxicology testing solutions, electronic medical records systems (EMR), medical billing and financial services, procurement, product development services and much more. For more information, please visit http://ercinc.com/index.html

About ERCInc.com and ThePhysiciansRX.com
ERCInc.com and ThePhysiciansRx.com are dedicated to finding maximum savings and value for their clients, and many of their services have no up-front costs. This means that clients often pay nothing unless savings are achieved. The firms also provide other business optimization services that increase profit, both for the medical industry and for companies in general.