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Two Exciting New Hires Join the Ranks of the Phenomenal Staff at SAT Prep Group

Hillina Kassahun and Tania Gay Bring Their Unique Talents to the Table of Elite Tutoring Team


Boynton Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2016 -- Since 2001, owner and founder of SAT Prep Group Steve Kirshenbaum has been helping high school students improve their scores on the SAT and ACT tests. Over the years he has relied on a carefully selected group of tutors to utilize his program to improve the scores and confidence of teenagers as they aspire to greatness. Most recently, his tutor corps grew with the hiring of two new staff members: Hillina Kassahun and Tania Gay. The pair of teachers share an affinity for Florida, having pursued higher education in the sunshine state. Hillina and Tania join a group of six other coaches that compose a formidable, intelligent team of test prep experts eager to give students the tools they need to succeed.

Hillina boasts a background in Education, having earned her BS in Education at the University of Miami. She also has experience in the medical field researching multiple sclerosis at University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital. In addition, she is a recording artist who sings Gospel/Christian music both in English and her native language of Amharic. In her own words, "I joined SAT Prep Group because it is a team of caring, fun, and excellent coaches who invest all they can to get the best results of each student they teach."

Tania acquired her Bachelor's Degree in aerospace engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology before returning to achieve a Master's in Mechanical Engineering. She is an avid racquetball player who managed to break into the top 150 players in the country. Tania spoke about her interest in the company, "I joined the SAT Prep Group team because I identify with the values and coaching methods they practice. I haven't seen any other SAT prep company be as involved in the students' lives and care as much about influencing these students – not only to do better on their test, but to feel better prepared going into college and ultimately better prepared for the life's challenged which lay ahead." She continued, saying "I love being able to help students reach their full potential. Being a tutor is a very fulfilling job, where every success my students have feels like a success of my own. I love helping students see a new way to look at something and therefore understand it better. Everyone is different and learns in different ways, so not only does this job keep me motivated and fulfilled, it is also challenging and keeps me on my toes."

About SAT Preparation Group
SAT Preparation Group began in 2001 by Steve Kirshenbaum as a response to the poor state of the conventional test prep industry. Since its inception, their coaches have helped 1,400+ students find their true potential, increasing scores by an average of 336. Their holistic test prep is a fusion of life habits and academic skills scientifically proven to improve brain function, alertness, and retention.