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Two Eye-Wateringly Expensive Private Plates Attempt to Break Records and Make History


Bolton, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2017 -- Private number plates are a common sight on UK roads nowadays, but it's not often that they cost more than the cars they adorn – or indeed than a mansion. But two private plates currently listed for sale on Plate Trader, the number plate marketplace, are attempting to break the record for commanding the largest amount of money for a personalised number plate.

'5 UV' – which is a play on the fastest-growing vehicle sector, SUV – is currently for sale on the site for an incredible £995,000. To put this stellar figure into context, it is almost five times the average UK house price, which stands at £216,674, and around 38 times the average UK salary of £26,500.

However, perhaps more astonishing is a registration plate that is trying to become one of the most expensive in the world. 'LO17 DAN' – which it's owner and seller says reads as 'London', would smash the UK record quite comfortably if it were to even get close to it's asking price of £2.5million. The seller of this plate claims that it is "one of the highest sought after vehicle registrations in the UK" and that if you were to purchase it, you are "not just buying a vehicle registration, but making your mark in history".

Speaking about the incredible prices commanded by these cherished numbers, Karl Moss, Founder of Plate Trader, said, "Personalised registration plates have become incredibly popular over the last decade, with people of all ages wanting to put their own stamp on their vehicles. However, many of the plates you see on the road generally cost no more than a few hundred pounds rather than more than most people earn in their lifetime.

"That being said however, there is definitely a market for truly unique cherished registrations for the 'super-rich' and as we've seen a number of times now, some of the shortest and most unique registrations can sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds. Whether either of these registrations will be able to achieve that success remains to be seen though!"

Should these plates reach their incredible asking prices, both would smash the previous record for the highest price paid for a number plate. In 2014, a Ferrari dealer became the proud owner of the most expensive private plate in UK history, paying an eye watering £518,000 for '25 O' to adorn a vintage Ferrari 250SWB once owned by Eric Clapton and worth around £10million.

Plate Trader has become one of the most well-known sites amongst car enthusiasts since its inception eight years ago, and as a result is now the go-to for many wanting to buy or sell their private number plates.

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About Plate Trader
Launched in 2009, Plate Trader is a family run business that prides itself on being different to other number plate sites. The company believes that buying or selling a private plate should be as simple as buying or selling a car, and that buyers and sellers should be able to deal with each other directly – without middlemen taking a percentage of the sale price.

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