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Two Halves of a Whole: Canadian Professor's Book Proposes New Model for Caregiving, Putting Health of Caregiver and the Cared-for on Equal Footing

Dr. Linda Edgar’s compelling new book could be about to dramatically shake-up and change how caregivers are perceived and advised. While exhaustion, impossible challenges and sacrifice have long been thought to be part and parcel of caring for another, Dr. Edgar’s ‘A New Look at Caregiving: Two Halves of a Whole’ publishes forty guidelines to make the shift toward viewing both individuals’ health and wellbeing as equally important.


Vineland Station, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/19/2014 -- With caregiver mortality and illness rates skyrocketing and both society and the medical profession failing to acknowledge it, Dr. Linda Edgar’s message is simple – caregiving needs radical reform to ensure that both parties can enjoy maximum wellbeing and fulfil their respective roles more successfully.

Dr. Edgar states her clear yet hard-hitting case in ‘A New Look at Caregiving: Two Halves of a Whole’. The book, split into four sections (Caring for yourself, Problem-solving, Caring for another, and Putting the two halves together in this new view of informal, unpaid caregiving) shares forty guidelines for putting caregiver and cared-for individuals’ wellbeing on equal footing. This new and realistic approach could just save the health and lives of many.

Book synopsis
This is a new stage of life for which we are badly in need of some guidelines. A New Look at Caregiving: Two Halves of a Whole presents the phase of caregiving from a different, and more inclusive perspective that clearly recognizes two halves: care for the caregiver on an equal footing with caregiving for another. Unless we begin to look at caregiving in a more realistic way, it will continue to heap worry and guilt, physical and emotional turmoil, and exhaustion on the caregiver.

“This is as much about changing perceptions among the general public as it is about empowering those actively involved in caring for others,” explains Dr. Edgar. “People often just resign themselves to the fact that caregiving is time-consuming and will likely deplete their own energy reserves and wellbeing in the process. But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, by caregivers taking their health equally as seriously, they can provide better care to their loved one or client.”

Continuing, “My book lays the model out step-by-step, in a way that is both informative and inspiring. By following these steps, the shift can be easy. Caregiving should be a guilt-free task.”

Dr. Edgar is confident that her book stands out as wholly unique within the marketplace.

“Existing books on caregiving outline systematic and hugely-authoritative information on the actual act of caring, but they don’t equally emphasize the wellbeing of the caregiver. Thus, reform is drastically needed. My publication is simple, clear and can rapidly be put into practice by both caregivers and professionals,” she adds.

‘A New Look at Caregiving: Two Halves of a Whole’ will be available in mid-September through Amazon.

For more information on Dr. Edgar and her other published works, visit: http://www.lindaedgar.com

About Linda Edgar, R.N. PhD
Linda Edgar, R.N., PhD is a retired professor of nursing, researcher, administrator, and health care consultant in oncology. Dr. Edgar obtained a diploma in nursing at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, her Bachelor’s in Nursing Science from Queen’s University in Kingston and both her Master’s in Nursing Science and PhD from McGill University in Montreal. She previously wrote the book, Mastering the Art of Coping in Good Times and Bad, based on her research. She is a past and present caregiver.