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Two Tone Shows How to Create an Artistic Music Video Without the Excessive Sexual Objectification of Women


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/18/2014 -- In a collaboration with Puerto Rican Nengo Flow and Cuban Erick Machado, Two Tone has created a new video for his new debut song "Senorita". While many artists use women in videos as props to enhance the sexual appeal of the song, Moroccan singer Two Tone has mastered the ability to create a video that caters to the different cultural norms existing in the Arab and western world. Even though his video includes beautiful, attractive women, these women are dressed in attire ranging from clothing worn at a lunch date to clothing worn at an evening date. Furthermore, the women perform limited dance moves. In combination to the attire, the women in the video serve the purpose of helping Two Tone, Nengo Flow, and Erick Machado tell the story of the song, which talks about a young man's desire to win over the attention of an attractive woman or Senorita.

This video surfaced at a critical time, where even more liberal western countries like the United States are rejecting the sexual objectification of women in music videos. This is due to the consequences on real life women and girls watching these videos. The videos encourage young girls, teenagers, and women alike to dress very provocatively, develop lower self-esteem or become self-conscious about their weight and appearance. Two Tone's video may have slimmer shaped women with formfitting clothing, but the video's emphasis is less about their body structure and clothing.

The Arab world prevents many videos or artists from performing where the sexual objectification of women is encouraged. Therefore, any artist catering to both worlds must create a video and song that lessens or eliminates the sexual objectification of women. While Two Tone includes clips with dancing and date wear where some may say is provocative and still contributes to the objectification problem, it is reflective of the style and dance moves of the average young Western woman. In fact, the video includes such limited "inappropriate" dancing that certain parts could be cut during its airtime, unlike many other videos where that approach would eviscerate the entire video. Therefore, Two Tone has a stronger case in allowing the video to be played in Arab countries.

Ultimately, Two Tone utilizes the women in his video in an artistic manner that helps him along with the other artists tell his story. He includes the dancing and wardrobe reflective of western music videos, but limits them to be mindful of the conservative Arab world and the horrible consequences that overly sexualized women in music videos create for women and girls all over the world.

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