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Two Unforgiving and Condemned Men: Powerful & Hard-Hitting Book Shares Bad Truths to Empower Readers to Accept God's Word

Written by Dona Hatherley, the haunting yet frankly-honest new book shares details of a nightmare that has been haunting the author since 2007. While its scenes will forever affect the way readers think and see the world, Hatherley believes it’s a vital message she was chosen to share.


Torrance, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- While most people forget their nightmares after a couple of days, one night in 2007 brought Dona Hatherley a bad dream that has changed her life forever. Giving her a harsh glimpse of the future and compelling her to grow even closer to her faith, the images she witnesses are now being shared with the world.

‘Two Unforgiving and Condemned Men’ is a recount and analysis of that night – a night that all in the world must learn about if they are to secure a future rich in God’s word.

This book is a haunting nightmare I received in 2007. The sad and horrifying details will not leave me even now in 2013. Instead of it ending when I awakened the feelings gripped me and prodded me to action. I wrote feverishly for days as more and more visual understanding came to me. People must know what is awaiting them on the other side of death's door my heart cried. I would want to know all of this and the way to prevent it.

Prayer is not an option when you understand the plight of so many to come. Deep mourning fills me and drives me to reach out with the word that may save anyone who will read my account of a nightmare so real and lasting. What else can I do with news so bad, so miserable, so taunting. Messages like this would most certainly come from the dead if possible to warn the living. I must be their voice to their families and friends in the hopes that at least some would listen.

Spreading bad news is not easy nor popular but my guess is that I have been chosen for this purpose and hopefully even my loved ones will grasp and hold to its truths.

As the author explains, her message is urgent – something all must hear if they are to be saved.

“Because I love people and desire the best for them and that peace be a part of their lives my heart would not let the understanding I gained from this dream pass. Somehow I must warn others. Forever is incalculable and my granny's mind reels at the thought of anyone spending any time separated from love, mercy and the grace of God,” says Hatherley.

Continuing, “Having to share these sad and frankly haunting images has made it hard for me to live normally during the past six years. However, I must reach out as I care enough about people to ensure that they do all they can to avoid hell.”

Hatherley provides comfort to her readers by urging them to recognize the work and sacrifice of Jesus.

“He opened our eyes so we can see that he is on our side. I have pro-actively chosen to serve him and his kingdom. If you choose to as well, we’ll be saved together,” she adds.

‘Two Unforgiving and Condemned Men’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1eSU9n5.

About Dona Hatherley
Dona Hatherley is from Muskoka, Canada.An author of many articles published by Ezinearticles.com and a blogger of several years. As a grandmother of eight and mother of four life is busy and full. Married to Murv Hatherley for forty six years and an artist and musician.