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Istanbul, Turkey -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2013 -- Details of powerful Tycoon Gold Addon that provides gold making tools to maximize user’s income on World of Warcraft, is now available on TycoonGoldAddon.net.

The website in its Tycoon Gold Addon review stated that it is the first ever Wow gold addon that puts the process of making gold on autopilot. “The process of making gold on WoW is not easy and eleven million players struggle in the process. Tycoon comes as a high-end solution that eliminates the struggle with automated gold making process,” says the reviewer at TycoonGoldAddon.net.

The site also informs that this in-game WoW Gold Addon is capable of increasing gold income of about 500% and transforms the process into profitable, fast and fun experience. Manaview, the developer of this process, optimized the strategies that help in resulting five times more gold than what a player usually gets.

“We have included five present strategies that consist of 95% of all strategies that WoW community uses to make gold, which means almost nothing is left out. These five strategies are Gathering, Grinding/Farming, Crafting, Auction House Playing and Dailies,” says a spokesperson of Manaview.

Tycoon Gold Addon works by studying economy of user’s server and shows exactly what strategy will help in making maximum money. It makes calculations and reveals what item will generate more money and gives out hot farming locations and optimized gathering routes to help the user get that item.

Tycoon Gold Addon review at TycoonGoldAddon.net reveals, “While starting up the Tycoon Addon, user needs to scan the auction house so that Tycoon can scan his/her economy. The process is fast and can be completed within 30 seconds maximum. Based on the scanning result, the Addon will provide advice on the items that can make most money,”

The product is legal and safe according to the norms mentioned in Blizzard’s terms of service and Addon policy. The user will never get banned using Tycoon Gold Addon.

“Tycoon is revolutionary and can change the experience of making gold on WoW forever,” says a WoW player who has recently checked the review.

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