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Tycoon Gold AddOn Launches to Help Players Make a Million in World of Warcraft Gold

Tycoon Gold AddOn website hosts an app that helps players earn 30,000 gold a day in the popular game world.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2013 -- World of Warcraft is the first true online gaming phenomenon, and its success is yet to be fully replicated. The combination of immersion and variety that the game offers, together with a sophisticated incentive system, has helped the game retain millions of regular players who all strive to level up their online personae. In order to do so, gold is one of the essential resources players must develop. In order to take out the arduous work associated with the search for gold, Tycoon Gold AddOn has been developed to help players earn up to 30,000 gold a day in the game.

The AddOn sets up a four tier strategy, utilising the game’s gathering, farming, crafting and auction facilities. The AddOn guides the player through setting up means by which to maximise profit and minimize time invested, thereby generating huge quantities of gold that the developers of the guide claim can hit 223% of a players’ initial earnings.

A spokesperson for the guide explained, “Tycoon Gold is a strategy guide that systematically develops a player’s ability to exploit the in-game systems for maximum reward with the minimum of effort. The strategy has been developed in concert with multiple expert players who have found the means to beat the system legitamely. Unlike more aggressive systems which manipulate the systems on the users behalf, our system allows the players to make the actions and therefore comes with no risk of the users account being banned- they are legitimately beating the system as opposed to hacking. Over 85,000 people have downloaded the guide so far, and that number continues to grow as word spreads like wildfire through WoW.”

About Tycoon Gold AddOn
Tycoon Gold AddOn is a WoW guide that helps players in generating game gold in the fastest and most effective way. To be a powerful player in World of Warcraft, players are going to need lots of gold. However, generating as much gold as they’ll need is never an easy feat in the game. The Tycoon Gold AddOn system uses at least four modules to help players hit the game’s 1 million gold cap. The four featured modules in this guide are the gathering module, farming module, crafting module, and the auction house. For more information, please visit: