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Tyler Collins Discusses Top 5 SEO Strategies


Huntington Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- Search engine marketing has changed greatly over the years, but according to Tyler Collins at of Orange County SEO, some things are still the same. "Content is still the measuring rod for good search engine results, and that is not likely to change soon," notes this young web entrepreneur.

He should know. In ten short years, Tyler Collins at has built a thriving SEO company from little more than his own strong beliefs in the quality and value of search engine marketing. Today, Orange County SEO represents clients as diverse as Coca-Cola, Charles Schwab, Nike and Hurley.

According to Tyler Collins at"> , there are five key elements to any good SEO campaign. Attention to these pieces is most likely to guarantee a profitable outcome for any company that chooses to use SEO marketing:

- Clearly define goals. Too many companies start on a marketing campaign without really knowing what they expect to gain from the experience other than "more business." Clearly defined, measurable goals are essential.

- Pay attention to local marketing. Too many companies see the Internet as a national or international marketing tool and forget to focus on local business.

- Optimize for "real life" keywords. It is critical to learn the terms people are actually using when they search for a product.

- Develop brand identity. Every marketing attempt should carry uniform branding so that customers come to associate that branding with a company or a product.

- Use metrics. Without consistent evaluation of an SEO campaign, there is no way to ensure that goals are being met.

Tyler Collins offers advice and marketing help to hundreds of businesses through his company, Orange County SEO. The professionals at Orange County SEO are ready to help small and large businesses tap into the hidden power of online marketing by using proven strategies to help them gain traffic and boost sales.

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Tyler Collins has been helping businesses maximize their potential through online marketing for more than ten years through his company, Orange County SEO.

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