U-Lace No-Tie Sneaker Laces

U-Lace No-Tie Sneaker Laces Offers Unique and Innovative Navy Blue Shoelaces

Don the colors of your team or just be the patriot with U-Lace’s navy blue laces. The company has over 50 colors available in modular and elastic no-tie laces. Founded by Tim Talley and appeared on Shark Tank in 2014, U-Lace makes resilient laces from yarn-dyed polyester and Lycra for teens, tweens, and adults.


Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2019 -- Modular sneaker laces by U-Lace are all about the fun of heading towards a lace-free future. The company creates unique and innovative sneaker laces in a multitude of colors. You can buy navy blue shoelaces or simply go for classic black, the choice is yours. Apart from being an amazing invention, the no-tie modular elastic laces are made from woven materials for resilience and flexibility.

Telling about the range of blue sneaker laces, the Executive Product designer said, "With our range of blues, we want to get the blues of lace tying out of your life. From dark navy to light and bright blue, teal, royal blue, icy blue, and seafoam blue, we have it all. Every shade demonstrates the universal appeal and versatility of this color. When you want to stand with your flag or simply need to pamper your favorite team, get the right shade of navy blue from our collection, and let it do the talking."

The USA flag navy of U-Lace shoelaces are designed with the unique and innovative special additive laced-free technology to ensure snug fittings. The laces are customized to fit your feet like magic. You can turn your sneakers into easy on/easy off slip-ons with this amazing lace tying hack. Buy at least two packs of navy blue laces are required to lace one pair of sneakers. Every pack comes with six laces enough to lace up one sneaker with six eyelets. U-Lace's shoelace replacement no-tie lace is compatible with all footwear having eyelet closures.

The sneaker-customizing modular laces are available in two main categories- Classic for adults and Kiddos for children aged 4-11 years. Due to their resilient material and domed tip, they are easy to install on sneakers, high tops, and boots. If you don't really like sticking to a single color, there are multicolor packs with navy laces to mix and match. Get creative and match your laces to your heart's contentment, the options are endless.

U-Lace is a global leader in making functional and fun sneaker laces. After appearing on the Shark Tank in 2014, it secured investment from the billionaire investor, Mark Cuban. The company not only diversified the product line since then, but also bought its equity back.

Currently, it also makes sneaker-personalizing accessories in the name of Lace Buddies and limited-edition basketball nets as U-Nets. So, if you or your kids like games, sports, and American tradition, make space for blue U-Lace no-tie sneaker laces in your closet.

About U-Lace
Based in Rochester, NY, U-Lace was founded by Tim Talley in 2008 with an aim to design easy and functional no-tie sneaker laces. The company uses innovative laced-feel technology to create colorful new shoe laces in a myriad of shades. With a focus on its customers, it offers flawless products and easy returns within the stipulated time.

More information is available on
www.u-lace.com, https://www.facebook.com/u-lace/, @ulacesneakerlaces on Instagram, @U_Lace on Twitter, customer_service@U-Lace.com or (585) 454-8498.?