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Uber Alerts Partners with AlertID to Provide Public Safety Updates Direct to Mobile


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- In the modern world there are far more concerns affecting the average individual than ever before, because media awareness has driven so much of the peril in life into the spotlight. As a result, people naturally wish to be more informed than ever before, and our technology plays a key part role in this. Uber Alerts is a customization of the AlertID application for mobile that allows individuals with an interest in public safety to be alerted of relevant information for their current location, making it easy to protect themselves and their families.

Using AlertID, individuals can customize what alerts they get on a wide variety of different information which is geo-located to maximize its relevancy to the individual. The Uber Alerts bolt-on can provide safety related information which can be invaluable to individuals and families.

The Uber Alert pack can include public safety information which is drawn from police records that may include criminal acts taking place in certain areas. Information on natural disasters including earthquakes, forest fires, floods, landslides and tornados can be disseminated instantly to anyone who may be in the path of the destruction, and for concerned families, a sex offender map can alert individuals whenever a known sexual offender is nearby. Free weather alerts are also available, which have proven more important than ever in recent times.

A spokesperson for Uber Alerts explained, “Our public safety information has always included weather alerts, which were criticized by some in the beginning as not relevant enough to safety. And yet with global warming becoming ever more present in daily life, we have seen record high temperatures in Death Valley that have resulted in fatalities and other similar tragedies. We are experts in public safety and take our responsibility seriously, which is why we have a comprehensive and regularly updated database of safety information which is distributed automatically to anyone in the vicinity who possess our app bolt-on, so they are fully informed as soon information is available.”

About Uber Alerts
Uber Alerts helps to protect their families and communities. They are able to provide trusted public safety alerts to the public by partnering with AlertID. Uber Alerts specializes in making updates available for public safety, weather, natural disasters and sex offenders to help keep families safe and informed at all times. For more information, please visit: