UberHealth to Pitch Its Business Ideas at the International Startup Festival


Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/15/2014 -- UberHealth.co – India’s only NRI focused Healthcare platform has been selected in the International Startup Festival- one of the most prestigious events for innovative startups in the world. Uberhealth which launched in last year in December 2013 and offers personalized preventive care packages for the aged parents and elderly relatives of NRIs is already one of the most talked about startups in India.

According to IshanJha CEO of UberHealth, the very uniqueness of its concept – a near perfect amalgamation of an online platform with a robust backend, with offline offerings like healthcare packages with additional features like personalized care and attention during hospital visits must have caught the eye of the selection panel of the Startup Fest.

When asked to elaborate Ishan added that UberHealth’sdashboard has been designed to enable NRI children seamlessly monitor and manage the treatment plans of their near and dear ones living in India. With options to upload medical records, request online and offline consultations, purchase medical packages and track the progress of various healthcare plans theirs is a one-stop solution for healthcare management.

However, Ishan admits that the very flattering response they have received has been due to their offline offerings. UberHealth preventive health care and medical checkup packages are offered in partnership with India’s leading hospitals and path-labs and they are designed to be both customizable (treatment plans are drawn up on a case by case basis) and cost effective.

When asked how exactly do their packages differ from the preventive treatment packages offered by other medical establishments in India, Kamal Aggarwal one of UberHealth’s founders, goes on to explain that their services start much before the client reaches the medical facility for their treatment consultation.

Says Kamal, “Since we are primarily focused on the NRI market, with concerned NRI children purchasing our packages for their parents living alone in India, we realized that their concerns stem primarily from their physical absence. Indians have strong family ties and children are expected to take care of their parents in their old age. Since NRIs are usually not in a position to do this due to their work commitments abroad, they turn to UberHealth’s personalized health plans.”

Ajay Pal Singh UberHealth’s third founder elaborates upon ‘personalization factor’ by saying that all their healthcare plans come with the following add-ons which emphasize attention and care. A trained UberHealth representative accompanies the elderly parents for all their hospital visits. The elders are picked up from their home in an A/C cab and are driven to the hospital.

There the representative performs the role of a surrogate son or daughter by making process as comfortable and hassle free as possible for them. This includes helping aged people move around in the hospital, furnishing health records and medical history, understanding the doctor’s recommendations, getting tests done (and collecting the results), purchasing medicines and clearing medical bills.

At every stage UberHealth keep children updated about the progress by uploading and sharing all necessary documents like doctor’s recommendation, treatment plans, medical tests and hospital bills through its dashboard.

Ishan is confident that UberHealth’s unique operational concept, high scalability potential and impressive track record would enable it to grab the right eyeballs at the event.

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