Udi Salon of Beverly Hills Makes Expert Hair Extensions Look Natural

Hair extensions, when done properly by an expert, look like the person’s real hair


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- Done properly the only people who know a hair extension is in place is the person wearing it and the stylist.

“There is as much art as science to putting in hair extensions correctly,” said Beverly Hills stylist Udi Behamo. He prefers to be called Udi. “The science taking the extension and properly attaching it to the existing the hair. The art is matching the hair and seamlessly blending it into your hair.”

While hair extensions can be bought anywhere, even at big box discount stores and put in at home, Udi said these results are always noticeable.

“Department stores sell artificial hair extensions. It does not look like real hair. It does no move like real hair. It will not act like real hair,” he said. “People will notice this, whether they say anything about it or not.” There’s just no substitute for real human hair in hair extensions, he said. Real hair extensions can be colored, styled, washed and dried and still look natural.

“Having a hair extension put in by a professional also matters. We are trained to do this and we take the time to blend it into your hair. We also know how to care for it and will tell you this,” he said. “When a professional does it, no one can tell you have an extension in place.”

Before having hair extensions put in at a salon, ask the stylist if they have remi hair. Udi said this is single-source hair with all the cuticles going in one direction. This provides the best hair extension possible.

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