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Uganda the Hunting Grounds Against the Gay, Says Ugandan Writer Vasco

Writer reveals the persecution of the Christian church in Uganda


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- A Ugandan Writer Vasco has reiterated the manner in which the Church in Ugandan is involved in hunting down and persecution people of same sex orientation popularly known as gays.

“The hunt is taking place in all angles to torture victims and beat them into physical and psychological submission,” says the 36 year old singer and a father of three boys.

In a book Entitled “Uganda, The Hunting grounds Against the Gay”, and published on Amazon and its sister company CreateSpace, Vasco accuses the Church of turning the once peaceful and tolerant society into one of the worst homophobic places on planet earth.

For the whole part of its existence as an independent Nation, Uganda has criminalized homosexuality based on laws left behind by the British Colonial Masters. However, the population did not care about anything in fear that one of the victims would be their own, and such a people existed anyway.

“It is a do or dies”, he told our reporter, and “you wake up and find that you must take sides. Everyone is asking another which side he supports and then you are hated for not siding with the Church”.

It is no longer a question of sexual orientation but gays and lesbians are seen in as part as agents of Western re-colonization of the African culture. Every other Church service, priests remind their flock of a looming re-colonization process that must be resisted at all costs.

Vasco Lamented that no publishing house in Uganda was willing to put his book in its shelves for fear of an attack from the army of Christian Vigilantes. For those he approached were as well surprised that he could come up with such an idea at a time when the book would be considered an act of promoting homosexuality and land him and the sellers a maximum of 14 years in Jail.

“Young man, have your peace and keep quiet, you will publish the book when the storm is over”, one of the managers of Aristock Book Company advised him.

It is for this reason that the book, “Uganda, the Hunting grounds Against the Gay”, found its way to the and stores.

In a press release posted on, Vasco challenged the Church to justify their action. “Jesus never condemned the gay, neither do I”, is a phrase he uses as a sub title for the book”.

In 2009, Vasco who himself is born again Christian teamed up with an Evangelical Pastor Roscoe, to write the book after an outdoor Rally addressed by self styled American Prophet Lou Engle at Makerere University in Kampala.

“The man of God said anything that would fire up the population and we knew that one time one day such a situation would arise”, he told our reporter. “Prophet Lou Engle spent most of his preaching convincing the population that Americans where using the United Nations and its agencies to destroy African family values and introduce a culture of homosexuality. We documented his speech and its part of our book.”

The Anti-Homosexuality bill drafted by a group of evangelical pastors, was first introduced to the Ugandan Parliament in October 2009 by a Ugandan Law maker David Bahati, as a private members bill, with a death sentence for aggravated offences.

Since the Introduction of the Bill, a Ugandan gay rights campaigner David Kato was murdered in Mukono district, 20Kms from Kampala after a tabloid published his names and picture among the gays that must be hanged. The country is now faced with rampant cases of attack on the gay people with some losing property and life.

It took four years of a strong worded campaign that involved American pastors Rick Warren and Scott Lively to convince the Ugandan population and Legislature to pass the anti-gay Bill that would criminalize homosexuality and sentence serial offenders to Life Imprisonment.

The Bill was later signed into Law during the month of February 2014 by Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, warning that because Western Nations had interfered into the internal affairs of his country that he had decided to sign the anti-homosexuality bill into one of the most draconian laws on the African continent.

Accordingly the book, “Uganda, The Hunting grounds Against the Gay”, can be found in all Amazon stores in United States, Europe and Asia, using link Its version of eBook is found on Amazon kindle and whereas a hard copy can as well be ordered online from

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