Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirt Launched to Wide Audience

Ugly Christmas sweater t-shirt a hit with online shoppers. Every year more people are shopping online for holiday gifts and online retailers are responding with clever Christmas-themed merchandise.


Lancaster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2015 -- As the holidays approach, more shoppers than ever are doing a larger percentage of their Christmas shopping online. With crowds growing larger as the holidays approach, more shoppers are electing to stay home and shop from their computer in order to avoid the huge crowds and long lines that come with holiday shopping. This Christmas shopping madness starts the day after Thanksgiving and continues until just a few days before Christmas.

One result of this boom in online shopping has been a large spike in the number of online retailers that sell holiday-themed merchandise, specifically to take advantage of this ever-increasing demand for Christmas gifts. Ugly Christmas Sweaters are one of the most popular items at this time of year. Teespring, the print-on-demand t-shirt website, has seen its profits soar as the result of these types of items. The ugly Christmas sweater t-shirt is, once again, one of the highest-selling items online in November and December.

An ugly Christmas sweater t-shirt, for those who have been living under a rock, is a t-shirt adorned with a pattern designed to mimic the style of an ugly Christmas sweater, but without the uncomfortable material. Usually the shirt also includes a catchy slogan or humorous saying related to the holidays. These types of shirts have been trending online right along with the original ugly Christmas sweaters that they were designed to look like.

So when you are making your holiday shopping plans, or sitting down at the computer to start researching items that you may be interested in buying for your loved ones, take a look at some of these cleverly designed t-shirts. Even if you decide to purchase something else, there are many hilarious gems decorating the halls of the world wide web. One particular ugly Christmas sweater t-shirt that has been trending for the past few weeks can be seen at It is truly the Christmas gift for the husband that has everything.