UK 2013 Robbery & Burglary Hot Spots Revealed as Both Crimes See a Fall in Reported Incidents


Darlington, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2013 -- Reported incidents of burglary and robbery have decreased at an astonishing rate since 2010. Burglary has fallen over 10% since 2010 from 339,079 incidents, down to 298,536 incidents. Similarly robbery has fallen at a faster rate of almost 20% down from 53,393 incidents in 2010 to 40,003 in 2013.

Burglary Incident Hot Spots (By Police Force):
South Yorkshire
Population: 1,264,929
Reported Incidents: 1,404

Humberside Police
Population: 880,438
Reported Incidents: 901

West Yorkshire Police
Population: 2,226,709
Reported Incidents: 2,152

Metropolitan Police
Population: 7,173,541
Reported Incidents: 6,572

West Midlands Police
Population: 2,587,195
Reported Incidents: 2,028

Robbery Incident Hot Spots (By Police Force):
Metropolitan Police
Population: 7,173,541
Reported Incidents: 2,594

West Midlands Police
Population: 2,587,195
Reported Incidents: 445

Bedfordshire Police
Population: 594,798
Reported Incidents: 58

Nottinghamshire Police
Population: 1,000,755
Reported Incidents: 91

Greater Manchester Police
Population: 3,746,600
Reported Incidents: 289

The highest reported amount of burglary incidents in the past 3 years was in March 2011 when there was 44322 reported incidents. For robbery the busiest month was also March 2011.

Bike theft has also become an increasing problem in Britain’s major towns and cities with incidents up over 10% in the last year. The Metropolitan police dealt with 4 times as many incidents of bike theft (2021 incidents, 2.8 thefts per million people) when compared with the Greater Manchester Police (527, 1.4 thefts per million people). Cambridgeshire Constabulary was the busiest police force in the UK with bike theft with 371 incidents per million people.

Shoplifting has been one of the few theft related crimes to actually increase. The top 5 hot spots (incidents per million population) are: Cleveland Police, Humberside Police, South Yorkshire, Northamptonshire Police & Merseyside Police. There were 26265 reported incidents of shop lifting in August 2013.

Malcolm Ord owner of The Security Directory UK said this about the crime trends “It's great to see burglary and robbery incidents drop but home owners and commuters should remain vigilante as we approach the winter when crimes of this nature usually increase.”

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