UK Airport Car Parks Back Anna Turner over Robin Hood Airport Fine

Vehicle Control Services fined a woman from Cottingham near Hull when she stopped her car for 18 seconds on the private road leading to Robin Hood Airport. The fine was given to the driver via post for £60 but has now risen to £150, and she has been threatened with more costs if the fine goes to a solicitor. UK Airport Car Parks is demanding action to be taken against VPS and for the fine to withdrawn.


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2015 -- UK Airport Car Parks is calling for action after a woman from Cottingham, near Hull received a fine when she was driving on a private road leading to Robin Hood Airport. Anna Turner, 59, who was going to Robin Hood Airport to fly to Poland could not find the airport car park and pulled over into a space on a dead end road. However, even though she pulled over for less than 18 seconds, a private car parking company acting on behalf of the owners of the private road took a picture and sent her a fine for £60. UK Airport Car Parks has called the action by VPS disgusting and is calling for the fine to be removed and Peel Land and Property, which owns the land around the airport to sack the parking company.

Anna Turner, who said she would rather go to jail than pay the fine, has said she was shocked when the fine arrived at her home. UK Airport Car Parks has said the fine is nothing to do with traffic control problems and is just a way for the parking company to make money.

Chris Fryer from UK Airport Car Parks said: "I am personally disgusted by the actions of VPS and do not understand why Peel Land and Property have hired the company. We are backing Anna Turner 100% and are calling on anyone who agrees that the fine should be withdrawn to write on our Facebook page"

AA spokesman Paul Watters said the charge against Ms. Turner was exactly what they were campaigning to prevent. He said: "No one should be issuing parking notices for less than a minute. We have been calling for regulation of enforcement activity for years. If she had stopped on a single yellow line in a city, there would be a short observation period of at least a minute to make sure she wasn't parking."

UK Airport Car Parks has spoken to over 200 people who use Robin Hood Airport and 130 of them have said they will not use the airport again. They have said due to the headlines regarding the fine and the unfair treatment they will instead use Manchester Airport and East Midlands Airport. That is bad news for Robin Hood Airport and shows the anger that people feel over the fine issued to Anna Turner.

A lot of people have stated it is not legal for a private car parking company to issue someone with a fine when the incident takes place on private land. Other people who have received a fine from VPS and refused to pay it has said they have no legal powers to enforce the fine.

UK Airport Car Parks has said holidays are being spoilt by moneymaking schemes and has called for a stop to these fines being issued.

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