UK Airport Car Parks Write to the Mayor of Benidorm over Serious Complaints About Benidorm Bouncers

In recent months, there have been hundreds of complaints about the aggressive behavior of some Benidorm bouncers. According to the reports, some bouncers at a small number of venues are allegedly using violence against innocent customers.


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2015 -- UK Airport Car Parks who help people to reduce the cost of airport car parking through their comparison tool has written a letter to the Mayor of Benidorm demanding an investigation. According to the airport car-parking expert, there have been hundreds of complaints about some bouncers in Benidorm allegedly using violence against customers.

Benidorm attracts over 15 million people a year from the UK, but that number could drop if nothing is done. Holidaymakers from the UK have been turning to popular forums to let people know about the problems. However, one particular leading review site has been taking down the posts when people have been warning holidaymakers about the pubs and bouncers in question.

Chris Fryer from UK Airport Car Parks said: "I cannot believe that the popular review site keeps taking posts down when people are trying to warn holidaymakers, which pubs not to go into. By doing this, they could be putting holidaymakers in danger."

UK Airport Car Parks has received many complaints about the bouncer problem in Benidorm and has decided to take immediate action. They have written a letter to the Mayor of Benidorm and have asked him to launch an immediate investigation into the problem. The Airport car parking company has also suggested that Benidorm should launch a door staff badge scheme like they have in the UK.

According to the many reports from people who have come back from Benidorm, some bouncers have allegedly used violence on holidaymakers for fun. Some people have reported seeing customers being hit for no reason. Due to the serious problem with a small number of entertainment venues, some holidaymakers have said they will not go back to Benidorm until this problem is sorted out.

UK Airport Car Parks is asking for holidaymakers who have witnessed the problems with Bouncers in Benidorm to write to the Mayor of Benidorm and demand immediate action before someone is seriously hurt.

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