UK Aquaculture Company to Launch Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Seedrs


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2015 -- Today the Britain's first business to produce and market sustainable sturgeon caviar, The Standard Caviar Company Ltd, is announcing its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The equity raised through the campaign will be used to acquire equipment and biological assets.

The philosophy behind The Standard Caviar enterprise is a sustainable and humane caviar production. The company will be using cruelty-free technique to harvest eggs without killing the fish. The process can be repeated every 12-18 months throughout a sturgeon's lifetime, which may last decades. The organically fed fish will be farmed in a controlled, environmentally-friendly Recirculating Aquaculture Systems that is designed to conserve water, land and recycle waste. As a result, the fish and eggs will not be exposed to GMO, antibiotics and other pollutants, which ensures the highest level of food safety in aquaculture.

The company is expected to break even and achieve profitability in less than two years. Once up to capacity, Year 2, the business is expected to consistently generate a return on sales in excess of 60% and an operating cash conversion over 100%.

Spearheading The Standard Caviar enterprise is a team with a truly unique combination of aquaculture expertise and business experiences.

In addition to enabling the new company to embark on ethical caviar production, UK investors seeking investment through the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme – SEIS - will be able to claim SEIS Income Tax Relief of 50% on subscriptions against income tax on total investments up to £100,000 and enjoy the unparalleled downside loss protection of up to 86.5 pence in the pound if both SEIS Income Tax Relief and related tax reliefs are claimed, in certain circumstances dependent on the Investor's personal tax position. The minimum amount that can be invested through Seedrs crowdfunding campaign is a modest £10.

To find out more about The Standard Caviar Company visit or call +44 203 519-8337.

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About The Standard Caviar Company
The Standard Caviar Company Ltd is a British deployment-stage company founded by a team of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs in 2015.