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UK Candy Launches Online Presence to Deliver New and Retro Sweets Throughout the UK

UK Candy has launched to provide a replacement to the high street sweet shops that once used to be the holy grail of childhood, offering unforgettable treats and wholesale sweet prices.


Bow, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2014 -- The sweet shop was once a magical destination which fuelled children’s imagination through their relentless pursuit of sugary treats, creating a wide range of colours, flavours, shapes and sizes from the jelly bean to the gobstopper. With the decline of the high street however, traditional sweet shops were one of the first victims. Now, UK Candy has brought the time honoured sweet shop back in online form, selling over 500 different varieties of new and retro sweets, and all at trade prices. The company even offer free delivery within the UK, and are encouraging shoppers to recapture some of that classic candy magic.

The store is displayed within a robust e-commerce framework with headings and sub-headings that can be explored with ease, displaying items by category replete with high quality imagery, clear pricing and detailed product descriptions. The site allows for a wishlist as well as a basket so individuals can store future purchases or be alerted when out of stock items reappear.

The store offers free delivery throughout the UK and sells these wholesale sweets at wholesale prices, meaning individuals can make huge savings when creating sweet treat buffets for parties and events or simply stock up for months quickly and easily.

A spokesperson for UK Candy explained, “UK Candy is proud to offer the best classic confectionary together with the most popular and exciting new sweets to hit the market, including fudge, American candies, and new creations from super sour ‘toxic waste’ candy to ‘snot shots’, both great treat items for Halloween. We also have a range of ‘occasion’ sweets that can be matched to weddings, corporate events and birthday parties, as well as gift hampers that contain everything from old school nostalgia collections to the very best confectionary from all time periods. Check out the website to find out more.”

About UK Candy
UK Candy is an online sweet shop stocking an extensive range of wholesale confectionery. As well as trade prices, UK Candy offers free delivery throughout most of the UK. The shop currently stocks over 500 unique sweets ranging from classics to the latest innovations, and the highest standard of trade candy available anywhere online. For more information please visit: