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UK Car Accident Injury Claim Specialists PerfectClaims.co.uk Offers £1000 Cash Advance to Claimants


Lancashire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/29/2011 -- The team of car injury accident claims specialists at PerfectClaims.co.uk have created what they believe to be the perfect accident claim compensation package in the UK. The accident claim specialists provide car accident compensation to individuals featuring a £1000 cash advance on payout with no fees and other features to eligible clients.

Drivers that have been in a road accident that wasn’t their fault quickly find that they are facing mounting costs due to loss of transportation, a job and even the full use of their body. Although fair compensation for such an injustice seems logical, there are few claims companies that offer comprehensive car accident claim packages that meet all of their needs. “We’ve designed our car accident claim compensation packages the best available anywhere in the UK to make coping with accident injuries and car damage as easy as possible,” said a Perfect Claims company specialist.

The company offers all of their clients up to a £1000 cash advance, which is payable within 28 days of starting the case as well as 100 percent of the compensation free of any deductions and hidden costs. “When we win your case, we’ll give you all of the payout minus the advance amount and we won’t take a penny in fees or commission because we get paid by the other side,” said the specialist. “If we don’t win your case, you get to keep the money, and we guarantee these terms for eligible claimants.”

Claimants fill in the online claims form or call an accident claims expert toll free to discuss the case. The expert then attends to all details and then passes the case onto a highly knowledgeable injury claims solicitor in the claimant’s area. In addition to the advance, 100-percent compensation and ‘No Win No Fee’ guarantee, the company fast tracks a like for like car replacement.

Eligibility requirements for this package include company verification that the claim’s worth exceeds £1000, no referral fee has been paid, a likelihood of a successful claim and a properly insured second party who caused the accident admits liability. For more information, please visit http://www.perfectclaims.co.uk/car-accident-compensation-claims

About PerfectClaims.co.uk
PerfectClaims.co.uk helps UK victims of road traffic accidents to make car accident compensation claims for full compensation. Clients can receive a £1000 cash advance within 28 days of starting the case, which is deducted from the total claim compensation. Their claims package also features ‘No Win No Fee,’ a 100-percent claim compensation free of fees or hidden charges guarantee as well as local claims experts, solicitors and a like for like car replacement.