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UK Car Finance Website for Buyers with Bad Credit Seeing Increased Consumer Traffic


Cheshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2011 -- MSG, an independent UK finance brokerage specialising in the subprime sector continues to attract more and more consumers due to their ability to help thousands with bad credit get the automobiles they want. The brokerage specializes in financial solutions for those refused or turned away from mainstream lenders, dealerships and finance companies.

As the economy continues to falter, millions of UK consumers are now having great difficulty in obtaining funding for major purchases. Even those consumers that are relatively unscathed financially are rethinking large investments such as automobiles due to their quick depreciation and non-existent return on investment. Consequently, car leasing is growing in the UK as an alternative with a significantly better upside.

MSG has established relationships with a number of specialist finance houses that are able to provide guaranteed motor finance or car loans to those that have previously been declined funding. They are therefore able to offer a number of car related funding products including car finance with bad credit, non status contract hire and guaranteed finance. The latter three provide the usual 36 or 48 months with the option to extend to 60 months and keep the auto at the end. The car finance with bad credit agreement varies depending on credit circumstances. However, the vast majority of consumers can be accommodated regardless of their circumstances.

The straight-forward guaranteed stock cars system consists of the buyer completing a short proposal form to confirm income, banking and identity. The funder then lets MSG know if they are able to provide a vehicle of the buyer’s choice and the loan amount. “We can then confirm the monthly cost, car spec, colour etc., and they then sign the finance agreement,” said the MSG brokerage representative. Buyers provide an upfront initial payment approximately four times the monthly amount before delivery with regular monthly payments thereafter.”

Non status contract hire is when the underwriting finance company waves the usual computer- based application and just looks at the consumers’ current financial circumstances when financing a new car. Car finance for Non Prime customer requirements includes a UK Passport and/or driver’s licence, two months of pay slips or bank statements and traceability via Voter rolls or previous finance agreements.

Potential customers can learn more from the MSG Website’s extensive customer feedback pages while the news tab provides information on the latest in leasing and financing. MSG is fully licenced under the Consumer Credit Act. For more information, please visit http://www.carwithbadcredit.co.uk/