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UK Catering Equipment Company Leads the Way with Serve over Counter Range


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2014 -- Food industry and catering business may not be able to do without serve over counters which are used for various purposes such as displaying fresh produce like meat, dairy, sandwich fillings, and delicatessen items. CorrChilled offers counters in various designs and shapes that best suits the business requirements.

Serve over counters can be ordered online at CorrChilled and customers have the choice among curved or flat glass display to provide the best display and product visibility according to the items sold. There is a choice between different designs such as slim line, mobile, counter top, and low glass or self-serve. Depending on the food items sold and the catering business requirements any of these designs can be chosen to optimally utilize the space and improve sales through better display to the customers.

Businesses restricted for space or those who need to move their products can find counter top serve overs or mobile display counters the best as they utilize less space and can be moved from one point to another. Meat temperature serve overs specifically meet the needs of a butcher or those who deal with deli items. Serve over counters in varied sizes and designs help in maximum usage of space and right display of products that enhances the product appeal and attracts the customers attention essential to enhance sales in any business especially food industry.

Vision counters offer the flexibility to display products while taking care of scales or additional displays most needed in takeaway businesses. Counters can be bought online through safe mode of payment and they also offer the lease to buy option on all products over £1,000. They deal with various brands and offer a wide range of choice. All products come with a warranty.

Whether it is extra product visibility, better storage or proper space utilization, counters from CorrChilled are suited for all purposes.

About CorrChilled
CorrChilled found in 2005 is an online store that sells catering equipment and commercial refrigeration equipment and is a leading seller. They supply products across UK to industries such as convenience retail, hospitality and care homes and many other businesses. Various products such as ranges, pizza ovens, microwaves, food preparation equipment, serve over counters, multideck chillers; patisserie, bakery cabinets etc. can be found in the commercial catering and refrigeration equipment. They also deal with commercial coffee machines, accessories, ware washing equipment, and commercial laundry products.

About Website
The website provides various serve over counters. They supply products across UK to industries such as convenience retail, hospitality and care homes and many other businesses.

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