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UK Kindle Readers Praise 8 Fantasy Novels by Tracy Falbe

Two series of epic fantasy novels by a U.S. indie author continue to receive great ratings from UK readers in the Amazon kindle store.

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Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2013 -- Fantasy author Tracy Falbe gains fans across borders with the international reach of ebooks. A self publishing author in the United States, Falbe has been encouraged by the warm response from readers in the United Kingdom, particularly in the UK kindle store. Various 5 star reviews for her fantasy novels have been very validating to the author who spent 15 years writing The Rys Chronicles and Rys Rising series.

“Americans are jokingly considered half-literate uncultured burger eaters,” Falbe said. “When I get a positive review from a reader in the UK, I’m especially flattered because that’s the homeland of J.R.R. Tolkien and Michael Moorcock who are among my inspirations.”

Writing since 1997, Falbe is the author of The Rys Chronicles and Rys Rising series that collectively equal eight fantasy novels. She is known for her complex multi-character, multi-year epics that are emotional, character driven, and full of intrigue, religion, magic, violence, Nature themes, and the corrupting influence of great power.

A UK kindle review for Rys Rising: Book I called the fantasy novel “the perfect book” and added “I love a book that keeps me thinking.”

Another UK reader with the intimidating screen name “SooperCynic” declared, “I’m hooked and can’t wait to get the rest of the series.”

A review left for The Goddess Queen: The Rys Chronicles Book II called the author “a fabulous writer” who “has a way of making the characters real.”

Most of her UK fans discovered her fantasy fiction by downloading Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I in the kindle store. It’s often free when Amazon price matches the ebook, which is always a free ebook at other retailers like iBooks and Nook.

Readers in the UK left comments for Union of Renegades like “Well written. Good story.” And “…this book was one of the best I have read.”

Even though Falbe writes in English with an American style and usage, she said it was great to know that her stories could connect with people in other countries.

“My writing is important to me as a creative outlet. When people far away enjoy my fiction, I really feel like the effort was worth it,” Falbe said.

In addition to Amazon kindle stores, her novels are available worldwide at numerous online retailers like Apple, Sony, Kobo, Smashwords, Nook, and her web store Brave Luck Books.