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UK Medical Cosmetic Clinic,, Is Recognised As a Centre of Excellence


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2012 -- Many people would love to improve certain aspects of their face, body or skin. However, they do not know where to go for advice on the wide range of procedures available. When it comes to medical procedures, it is recommended that interested individuals consult with the most qualified clinics, and there is one clinic that has recently been recognised as a centre of excellence for medical cosmetic procedures in the UK. This clinic is called Snowberry Lane Clinic, and it is considered to be an innovator in its field.

“Led by Dr Rupert Gabriel, the leading UK expert on body contouring, our clinic is the first clinic to offer the revolutionary SmartLipo, BodyTite and Vaser Body Contouring treatments. As a result, Snowberry Lane Clinic has become a UK centre of excellence for training medical professionals in these procedures,” affirms a representative of Snowberry Lane Clinic.

In addition to body contouring treatments, Snowberry Lane Clinic also provides expert mole removal in Bristol. Bristol residents will find this to be especially good news as the clinic is conveniently located near their area. By visiting the Snowberry Lane Clinic website, those interested in mole removal treatments can read all about the procedure that is performed by Dr Gabriel. Visitors can also see before and after pictures from previous skin-lesion removal procedures.

The website provides answers to many questions that visitors might have about how the procedure is performed and what happens after the procedure, enabling them to be fully informed before taking the next steps. Plus, visitors can watch a video in which Dr Gabriel explains the procedure while performing it, so they can see exactly what to expect.

In addition, the website provides information on other cosmetic procedures like anti-aging, acne, leg vein and dermal filler treatments. For each type of procedure, visitors will find a vast amount of information, including treatment options and treatment effects. They can even request appointments online, look at specific patient case studies and explore treatment payment options.

Individuals who are interested in learning more about the cosmetic and minor surgical procedures offered by Snowberry Lane Clinic should click here.

About Snowberry Lane Clinic
Snowberry Lane Clinic, founded in Melksham in 2003, is a professional medical cosmetic clinic specialising in minimally invasive procedures and radio surgery. Dr Rupert Gabriel and Ann Gabriel, RGN, head a talented team of individual specialists, including surgeons and nurses, with expertise in specific advanced procedures. At Snowberry Lane Clinic, the team of surgeons and nurses provide expert guidance for cosmetic and minor surgical procedures from the first consultation to treatment and follow-up.

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