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UK-mobile-broadband-deals.com Helps Educate UK Consumers About Mobile Broadband


Buckinghamshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2011 -- UK-mobile-broadband-deals.com is on a mission to educate UK consumers about mobile broadband services, how they have changed and what is available. The Website features the best of mobile broadband deals that are available in the UK in simple to understand tables so consumers can quickly and easily research and identify the one that is right for them.

Like home broadband services, mobile broadband has become a ubiquitous way of staying in touch, enjoying entertainment and doing business throughout the UK and the world. Mobile broadband (or mobile Internet) allows users to access the Internet on a computer without a fixed line or Wi-Fi Internet connection over the mobile phone networks. Mobile broadband connections generally use a dongle, which contains a SIM card and plugs into the laptop via a USB connector. The major providers have all begun to upgrade their networks, enabling higher quality, faster speeds and broader coverage via dongles with 3G capabilities available even in rural areas.

In addition to featuring all the UK mobile broadband deals, uk-mobile-broadband-deals.com is also a one-stop shop for everything mobile broadband. A comprehensive news section covers the world of mobile broadband as the Website’s series of guides answer user questions regarding mobile broadband issues. “Our goal is to educate the consumer about what mobile broadband has to offer,” said the Website’s mobile broadband expert. To that end, we also review all the free laptops available with mobile broadband and provide an editor’s blog with constantly updated posts about mobile broadband technology to keep users informed.”

The Website allows comparison of mobile broadband deals from the best networks in the industry, such as O2, Orange, T-Mobile, 3 and Vodafone with 30-day to 24-month contracts and everything in between. A wide variety of deals are available that can provide unlimited mobile broadband browsing for as little as £10 – £15 a month as well as basic mobile broadband access from only £7.50 a month. “After making their comparisons and finding the best option, every customer’s purchase is processed directly with an established company,” said the mobile broadband expert.

For more information please visit http://www.uk-mobile-broadband-deals.com/topdeals.php

About UK-mobile-broadband-deals.com
UK Mobile Broadband Deals is the UKs number one dedicated site for mobile broadband offering users news, blogs, guides, reviews and information about mobile broadband. As a one-stop comparison Website, shoppers can compare all of the best mobile broadband deals in the UK market and identify deals at different price points, different length contracts and from different networks. In addition, the Website provides information on compatible laptops, dongles, as well as iPad and tablets that are mobile broadband compatible along with lots of advice on the best coverage and using mobile broadband abroad.